Mom Hacks School Computer, Changes Kids Grades

James Johnson - Author

Jun. 15 2013, Updated 9:48 p.m. ET

Catherine Venusto was arrested this week after she hacked into a school’s computer system and changed her children’s grade.

The hacking mom used passwords she had obtained while working for the Pennsylvania school district to pull off the hack, which in actuality was not much of a hack at all and more of a desperate attempt by an obviously desperate mother.

Venusto used the password of the Northwestern Lehigh School District superintendent to access the system and change her kids grades.

Catherine was arraigned on Wednesday and currently faces more than half-dozen felony counts, she was released on bail.

According to court documents Venusto changed a failing grade to read “medical exception” for her daughter in 2010, at that time Venusto was still the district secretary.

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In what might be the most strange part of the hack she changed her son’s 98% to a 99% in February, after she had left her position. Why she would change an A+ to a slighter higher A+ is not known at this time.

Police in Pennsylvania say Catherine Venusto admitted to changing her children’s grades and while she thought the move was unethical she told police it did not seem illegal.

Venusto has not commented on her crime at this time.

Perhaps this should be a lesson not just for parents but anyone who plays around with electronics systems, hacking is hacking no matter how you gain access to a system without permission.

Do you think being charged with various felony accounts is fair based on Venusto’s decision to change her children’s grades illegally?


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