Opportunity Rover Photo Of ‘Alien Handgun’ On Mars Is ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence Of Alien Technology [Photos]

A YouTube Mars anomaly researcher claims to have stumbled on what could be the greatest piece of evidence of alien technology on planet Mars. Prolific UFO and Mars anomaly hunter Streetcap1, claims to have found literal “smoking gun” evidence of alien technology on planet Mars — a handgun lying in plain sight on Martian soil.

The series of NASA photos uploaded to YouTube (see below) on February 14, 2016, by Streetcap1, were taken at a place on planet Mars between Mt. Edgecumbe and Wdowiak Ridge in September 2014 (Sol 3773) by NASA’s robotic rover Opportunity, also called MER-B (Mars Exploration Rover-B) or MER-1.

Opportunity rover, launched in January 7, 2003, landed on Mars in the Meridiani Planum on January 25, 2004, three weeks after Spirit (MER-A).

The evidence provided by NASA’s longest-lived rover is undeniable, UFO hunters claim. The photos of the handgun on Mars shown below are the untouched originals taken directly from the archives of NASA’s JPL website and may be viewed here, here and here.

Alien handgun on Mars

Streetcap1 doesn’t bother to offer a lengthy commentary on the latest spectacular evidence of alien technology on Mars. He simply says, “looks like a firearm,” and suggests the gun may have been flung to the Martian surface from a crashed alien craft whose twisted wreckage can be seen lying close to the gun.

The photographic evidence speaks for itself, says Mars anomaly hunters. The features of the gun are so clear than one can spot the trigger, anomaly hunters claim.

Alien gun on Mars

Some Mars anomaly researchers remarked that the weapon looks remarkably like a semi-automatic Smith & Wesson.45, while some thought it looks like a SIG Pro semi automatic. Others compared it to a Colt M1911 pistol – the U.S. military’s longest serving service pistol – or a Browning 9×19mm Hi-Power or GP (Grande Puissance) 35.

But one anomaly researcher thought it looks so much like a Desert Eagle.50 (see image below) that it could actually be one.

Photo shows alien gun on Mars

Regardless, Streetcap1’s latest discovery of alleged evidence of alien technology on Mars has caused considerable excitement among online UFO and Mars anomaly researchers. It has been hailed the greatest discovery by any Mars anomaly hunter in recent years.

“Even if it is just a rock, nature does not do angles, just saying…”

“Looks like a Desert Eagle.50.”

“It’s just a rock man.”

“Why doesn’t NASA let the Rover go closer and take some close up pictures?”

UFO blogger Scott C. Waring was unable to hide his excitement about the latest incredible “discovery” on Mars.

Alien gun planet Mars

“I have to admit… it’s incredible,” he writes. “This is definitely one of the all time top ten discoveries of Streetcap1.”

“I have to admit… it’s incredible. This is definitely one of the all time top ten discoveries of Streetcap1.”

He gives a description of the latest artifact “discovery” on Mars and suggests NASA may have landed Curiosity and Opportunity rovers on Mars to hunt for evidence of alien technology on the planet.

Desert Eagle

“This gun about 1 foot long. There are four photos with this gun in it [see photos above],” Waring writes.

“I guess this why NASA built the rovers, to find alien technology and scan it and possibly retrieve it a later date,” he speculates.

“The exact location of the gun is is between Mt Edgecumber and Wdowiak Ridge,” he concludes.

But this is not the first time that Mars anomaly hunters have found a “firearm” abandoned on the Martian surface. In October 2014, Mars anomaly hunters ArtAklienTV-Mars Zoo claimed to have found an alien weapon that looked like an old-fashioned flintlock pistol or revolver lying on the ground on Mars only a few feet away from Curiosity rover (see YouTube below).

“Is this a handgun on Mars? This object is about 5 to 8 inches long and looks very much like an old flintlock pistol with a trigger, barrel and handle clearly visible,” the anomaly hunter announced to astonished YouTube followers.

Mars anomaly hunters Paranormal Crucible, spotted even more advanced alien military technology on Mars in October 2015. The YouTube anomaly hunter claimed to have spotted an alien anti-aircraft gun in a photograph snapped by NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover in October 2015. The incredible discovery caused a stir in Mars anomaly hunter circles.

“A photograph snapped by mars curiosity rover, appears to show a Martian weapon of some kind. The anomaly, which resembles an anti aircraft gun, clearly has a defined body and a large tube like object pointing toward the sky,” Paranormal Crucible reported.

[Image via NASA/JPL]