Adele’s Grammys Performance Shines Despite Sound Issues

Adele delivered her first Grammy performance since 2012, and it wasn’t quite the welcome she was expecting. In the middle of a rousing performance of “All I Ask” at the 2016 Grammy Awards, there were just a few seconds of audio issues throughout her performance.

To begin with, the 25-year-old singer had to compete with an extra-loud acoustic guitar at the beginning of the performance that seemed to be stealing the mic. Later, her microphone cut out for just a moment, reducing her powerhouse volume.

The most surprising part was when Adele fell flat on some of the love ballad’s higher notes. No doubt, her vocal issues were a result of the sound issues that permeated the British star’s performance. Besides that, she was obviously nervous to be performing after a two-year hiatus and four years in between her last stage performance.

It's been four years since Adele performed at the Grammys. Besides looking stunning, she also performed exceptionally well despite sound issues and a few rough notes. (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]

As for the sound issue, the technicians wanted to make sure everyone knew Adele’s name shouldn’t be tarnished.

“That was all an issue on our behalf,” Recording Academy president Neil Portnow told Variety of the audio issues. “[Grammys producer] Kenny [Ehrlich] asked that we make that really clear to everybody.”

He explained how technicians took to the problem immediately, trying to move the fallen microphone away as quickly as possible, but it was too late to repair the damage; the sound very briefly disappeared.

“It was fixed in a matter of seconds, but we’re never happy when something like that happens,” he told reporters.

He also gave Adele credit despite her being extremely exposed in the moment.

“Something like that can easily be distracting or off-putting, or certainly unexpected. To Adele’s credit, she killed it, she did a fantastic job, the pro that she is,” he said.

Adele also took to Twitter to explain what happened on a more personal level.

“The piano mics fell on to the piano strings; that’s what the guitar sound was. It made it sound out of tune. [Expletive] happens. Because of it though… I’m treating myself to an In n Out [burger]. So maybe it was worth it.”

Obviously, the singer didn’t take it too hard. Even though the spectacle was slightly embarrassing, it didn’t get the upbeat singer down. All it really took was a little fast food to cheer her up before the after party.

Even though Adele's performance didn't go as planned, she was still all smiles following her performance. It takes a lot to get the upbeat 25-year-old down. (Photo by Kevork Dejansezian/Getty Images)

It’ll take a little more than a ruined performance for fans to give up on Adele, though. Her album 25 smashed sales records from decades ago, and her album sold more than 3.38 million copies in just the first week.

Some fans were surprised to hear that Adele was not nominated for any Grammys this year, particularly after her hit single “Hello” smashed the charts. However, neither the single nor the record it belonged to were released in enough time to be eligible for the nominations this year. The album will no doubt receive a few nominations at the upcoming 59th Grammy Awards.

She was previously nominated for 13 total nominations, and won 10 of them, including Record of the Year and Song of the Year for “Rolling in the Deep.” Her number of Grammys is extremely impressive when compared with the singers around her. It matches that of American country-turned-pop artist Taylor Swift, who has also won 10 Grammys in her time on the stage and who continues to impress her followers.

Although this performance was rattling, fans can expect Adele to perform again at the Grammys in the future, most likely alongside her own nominations.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]