Maci Bookout Pregnancy Scandal, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Drinking While Pregnant

Maci Bookout was one of the most popular Teen Mom stars in the franchise. She was often pegged as the most responsible, even said to be the most levelheaded of the bunch. Bookout has had her fair share of relationship drama, but she hasn’t once made headlines for stupid decisions. That has all changed within the last day, though. Bookout and Taylor McKinney announced that they were expecting another baby yesterday. Teen Mom OG fans were stunned, especially since Bookout had not mentioned it on the show yet.

The pregnancy announcement from Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney came yesterday. It was a post on social media, complete with Bookout showing off a growing baby bump. The gender of the baby was revealed to be a boy, and she is due May 30. According to The Ashley, Maci Bookout has been under fire since announcing the pregnancy. In several episodes of Teen Mom OG, Bookout had drinks in her hand. With her due date announced, she would be roughly 26 weeks pregnant right now. This means that during the early weeks of her pregnancy, Bookout was indeed drinking. This is very troubling, and has fans calling her out all over social media.

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There is no indication that Maci Bookout has a drinking problem, but others are insinuating it may be the case. Teen Mom OG is taped months in advance, but recently the Halloween episode was shown. At that point, Bookout would have been approaching the end of her first trimester or may have already started it. Many fans are outraged by the fact that Bookout was drinking while on vacation, and more recently in social media pictures. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is being brought up, and that is a serious concern. The Teen Mom OG footage will give viewers more information, especially about whether or not Bookout continued to drink.

When Maci Bookout announced she was pregnant, some questions were immediately thrown her way. She is sticking to the story that the baby was a surprise and that they just found out a few weeks ago. According to MTV, Maci Bookout became engaged in January. This would indicate that Bookout had to be well into her second trimester before discovering she was pregnant. It is possible that she didn’t know, women give birth without even knowing they were pregnant. Some Teen Mom OG fans are stunned that she would continue to drink while pregnant, and some believe she truly did not know. Bookout has now found herself in the middle of a scandal, and has yet to speak out about where or not she knew she was pregnant.

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Since Teen Mom OG is taped months in advance, viewers now have the opportunity to see if they can tell Maci Bookout is pregnant. In the picture she used to announce the pregnancy, a baby bump was clearly visible. It has been about six weeks since the engagement, and she is already that big? There are so many questions for Bookout to answer, but she likely won’t address the speculation. In just about 14 weeks, Bookout’s son will be born. She has had both her children earlier than expected, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to see the baby come in early May. This scandal could rock her world, and Bookout likely knows this. She is being accused of knowing all along she was pregnant, and now trying to cover it up with the announcement indicating she found out after the engagement. Teen Mom OG fans are wondering how Maci Bookout plans to handle the accusations and how she will explain herself if there is more drinking being shown on future episodes.

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