Cam Newton Accused Of Having A Secret Wife And Daughter — Will Fiancée Kia Dump The Panthers QB?

Cam Newton is still reeling from the Carolina Panthers loss to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50. It looks like Cam might have more to worry about than football, though, because a few blogs are accusing the Panthers QB of being secretly married. To make this tea just a little more scandalous, there are also reports that Newton has fathered a daughter with the woman. If so, she’s about the same age as his son, Chosen, with fiancée, Kia.

Cam is accused of having a wife named C. Wilson Newton and a brand new baby girl, too, according to Fameolous. Their report claims that Newton has a one-month-old daughter named Ca’Leigh Newton that his fiancée doesn’t even know about her. Reportedly, Cam knew all about the baby girl. As Fameolous reported, Cam even signed the birth certificate, claiming the little girl as his own. If this is true, that means that Ca’Leigh and his son, Chosen, with fiancée Kia are almost exactly the same age.

The report goes on to claim that Cam is not only married to this secret wife named C. Wilson Newton but that he refuses to sign divorce papers and let her go be with her baseball player boyfriend. Seriously, does Kia know about any of this? Cam’s alleged wife was supposed to provide proof of her marriage to Fameolous but they claim she got cold feet. Did Newton intercept the marriage and baby news and stop his other baby mama from giving everyone the dirt? Or did This C. Wilson Newton woman realize that she would be hit with a huge lawsuit if she kept talking about Cam? Either way, all this news about other women can’t be helping his mood after a very disappointing Super Bowl loss.

To make Cam Newton’s life even more complicated, it looks like he might have another baby on the way. Terez Owens dropped a new report on the Panthers QB and it looks like he might be stepping out on Kia again. There have been reports about Cam Newton messing with an unknown woman on the side, and Terez claims that Cam might have gotten her pregnant. If that is the case, it means he’s had three possible children born within the same year.

However, only one woman is accusing Cam of being her husband while still being engaged to Kia. As for Kia, she has yet to comment on the rumors that Cam might be cheating. Newton’s fiancée has left Twitter and her account is currently listed as being suspended.

Perhaps, multiple women was what it took to cheer Cam Newton up after a Super Bowl loss. The Carolina Panthers MVP was brutally honest during the post-game interview when he admitted to being a sore loser. Cam famously said, “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.” It seems he hasn’t lost in love considering Newton is allegedly able to pull so many women. Especially if his current fiancée and the mother of his son opts to put up with the constant rumors of Cam’s side women and stays with him.

In the wake of Cam Newton’s very disappointing Super Bowl loss, many have called the Panthers QB a sore loser. Others have argued that he’s just being honest and that Cam is just human. Does that also cross over to being scandalous and stepping out on his partner? If Cam really is cheating on Kia with at least one other woman, does that make him just human? What if Cam is married to the woman whom has been claiming as much? Does that make him human, too, or does it make him a despicable cheater?

[Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images]