Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Headed For Divorce Over Debt & Twitter Rants? ‘KUWTK’ Star Drops 3 Clues

Kim Kardashian, famed as the reality TV star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, is finding herself in an unusual position. As the wife of a highly controversial rapper and fashion designer, Kim now is faced with the question of should she show support, take a neutral stand, or distance herself in a way that indicates she’s not in full agreement with what her husband says. That man, with whom Kardashian shares two children, is Kanye West, and divorce rumors are swirling even as the backlash against him grows.

One hint of the increasing separation between the two can be detected in the way they’ve decided to separate their finances. KUWTK star Kim and her husband make no attempt to pool their wealth, a source told People.

“They keep their accounts basically separate,” revealed the source. “[He will] talk about ‘my money’ and ‘her money.’”

Signs of separation?Blonde Kim Kardashian stands behind her husband.

As to whether Kardashian and Kanye compete when it comes to who makes more, Kim was at 33 on Forbes’ list of top 100 highest paid celebrities in 2015. That number resulted from hard work. Kardashian got credit for monetizing her fame, almost doubling her income from $28 million in 2014 to close to $53 million in 2015.

Accounting for about 50 percent of that wealth is Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, the mobile and tablet game.

In contrast, West was not on the Forbes’ 100 highest paid celebrities list in 2015. That translates to an earning of under $28.5 million, which is how much the famous folks ranking between 95 and 100 made on that list.

Consequently, Kim is ahead when it comes to earnings. As to whether Kardashian might lend him some money if he needs it? Judging by the Twitter rant in which he asked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion following his revelation that he is $53 million in “personal debt,” West prefers to hit up other people in place of his wife when it comes to extra income.

Kim Kardashian makes more money.

But where does this leave Kim when it comes to concerns that her husband won’t be able to pay for the considerable expenses two children involve? With little North at age 2 already showing a fondness for fancy fur coats, their daughter may have certain expectations for her tiny lifestyle. If daddy can’t fill them, does that mean Kardashian bears the full burden?

A source told Hollywood Life that a “nest egg” exists to keep Kim, North, and Saint secure. Even before Kanye’s proposal, enough money was in place to promise a rosy future for Kardashian.

“He made sure he was a legit in every way: career, house, money and stability before he asked Kim to marry him,” said the source. “There’s not any way he would have even started a family with that sort of debt looming over his head.”

So should Kardashian be spending sleepless nights about possible debt?

“Dude’s making money hand over fist,” added the source.

However, when it comes to how Kim really feels about the repeated rants on Twitter, combined with the negative feedback about some of the lyrics in her West’s album, Kardashian gave hints a divorce is underway in three different ways. And Kim chose Valentine’s Day as the time to reveal the splintering that’s occurring in her marriage.

Two of the hints from Kardashian came in the form of a Valentine’s Day video. And while there were traditional Heart Day roses, Kim revealed that she’s finding pain and heartache by pointedly posing with flowers containing sharp thorns.

Happy Valentine's Day

A video posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

As an even clearer clue to her thoughts of divorce, the background song’s lyrics said it all when it comes to how Kardashian feels about Kanye, reported Radar Online.

“Hard to love a girl like me. I don’t blame you much for wanting to be free.”

In addition, as a third clue, Kim released a sad playlist on Valentine’s Day. Kardashian called it her “Lonely Hearts” playlist, revealing that it’s based on songs she likes when she’s not feeling the love on Valentine’s Day – and her husband is noticeably absent from the list of musical artists on Kim’s list, reported ET.

“If you’ve had your heart broken before, you know how much it hurts!” wrote Kardashian. “These are some of my fav songs to blast when I’m not really in the V-Day spirit.”

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