Cynthia Bailey Celebrates ‘Original RHOA’ Stars: Slamming Kenya Moore Again?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey was clearly heartbroken on last night’s episode, as Kenya Moore ditched the group trip to visit Peter Thomas’ family in Jamaica. Kenya was hurt that Bailey was denying their friendship, and she was truly hurt by Cynthia. But it didn’t take long for Cynthia to move on and celebrate her rekindling with NeNe Leakes. And while Moore is clearly still hurt by everything, Cynthia is back to celebrating the original housewives. According to a new Instagram post, Cynthia Bailey is now celebrating NeNe, herself, and Sheree as the original housewives.

“The Originals. These two ladies have been through a lot together. So nice that NeNe Leakes & Sheree Whitfield were able to put their differences behind them and are friends again. #TheFirstOnes #RHOA #JamaciaFixedIt #TheOriginals,” Cynthia Bailey revealed on Instagram, posting a picture of NeNe and Sheree.

Of course, Bailey is celebrating the three original housewives that are currently on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kenya isn’t an original housewife, so she was left out of the post. And while this post doesn’t hint of any shade towards Moore, the timing of it is suspicious. Bailey and Moore had questioned their friendship because of Cynthia’s dedication to NeNe Leakes, so when she posts something on Instagram and leaves Kenya out, it hints of drama. And her followers took notice.

“Kenya who? U seemed close to her and now nene is back your afraid. Make up your mind,” one follower wrote on Instagram in reply to Cynthia’s picture.

In her personal blog for the show, Cynthia Bailey has revealed that she didn’t take this situation as seriously as Kenya. She points out that she could have more than one friend at a time, but Kenya’s point is that she thought she was the best friend.

“I think the BFF drama was blown way out of proportion. There are other friendships in the group besides me and Kenya or me and NeNe. However, no one seems to really focus on them or question whether or not they are besties. I love Kenya and my relationship with her, but to my knowledge I have never referred to her as my best friend. We have become very close friends over the past couple of years, and I look forward to many more,” Bailey revealed in her Bravo blog, adding, “NeNe and I recently rekindled our friendship. This meant a lot to me, because when I joined the group almost six years ago, she was the first one I connected with. There was no denying our connection.”

Moore answered Cynthia Bailey’s blog by writing that she didn’t see Bailey as a true friend. She points out that Bailey’s rejection was too much for her and she decided to distance herself from the ladies. On the trip to Jamaica, she distanced herself from the ladies. In her blog, she points out that she was very hurt by Bailey and she just wanted to make sense of the drama — and her friendship.

“A true friend not only defends you in your presence but in your absence. This is a woman I have adored for over four years and I consider her my sister. When she denied me, it just felt a little too much like rejection, and I’m all too familiar with that. I was surprised and crushed that she would treat me that way. She not only embarrassed me but deeply hurt me. I just hope our friendship is strong enough to withstand this test,” Moore wrote in her Bravo blog.

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