‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Deimos Continues To Shake Up Salem, Brady Asks Questions, And Belle Makes A Decision

There is quite the episode on the way for viewers with Monday’s Day of Our Lives. Spoilers tease that Brady will be asking questions, Deimos will be making a move, and Belle makes a decision. Just what can everybody expect from the February 15 show?

According to We Love Soaps, Brady will go to Fynn to ask questions about the woman he has been seeing in his dreams. As much as Brady has been working to reassure Theresa that their relationship is solid, he has been quite distracted by these dreams of the mystery woman.

Viewers will have to wait and see what Fynn has to share regarding this mystery woman’s identity. However, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that later in the week, Brady will take a trip, hoping to pin down some specifics. He will head to California to track down this woman, and it seems he will find both the woman and someone else he knows.

Also ahead on Monday’s show, Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Deimos will make a move regarding Kate and Eduardo sees it. While Eddie and Kate had been slowly building a bit of a relationship, she has grown tired of his other commitments and took a bit of an interest in Deimos.

Now it seems that Deimos is taking an interest in her as well, but are his next moves genuine or part of a devious plan? Whatever it is that Deimos has in mind, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Eduardo may not take this move on Kate kindly, and may even fight back in some sense. Which man will Kate ultimately end up with as this all plays out?

Days of Our Lives spoilers note that viewers will see Philip learning something stunning about Deimos from John in this next show. While DOOL fans will have to tune in to see what John reveals, Soap Central teases that it is something that could be beneficial to Philip as he tries to get out from under Deimos’ control.

Philip will also be spending some time with Belle in Monday’s episode. Unfortunately, Days of Our Lives spoilers seem to tease that this may be a tough conversation. He has been pursuing her ever since he returned to town, and the two have shared some steamy moments. However, it sounds as if Belle may now put the brakes on this renewed romance.

As the week continues, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Hope and Rafe will come up with a plan to deal with Andre, while Andre continues to manipulate Chase. Ava returns to town and has a shocker for Kayla while Theresa and Nicole both decide to head to California to follow Brady.

Will Hope and Rafe’s plan to set up Andre for Stefano’s death really work? Will Steve be able to earn back Kayla’s trust after Ava reveals their secret tryst? Just what comes next for Brady as a result of these intense dreams he has been having?

There is more on the way regarding Abigail and Chad this week as well, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next. There is said to be a wedding on the way soon, but big changes are coming for “Chabby” too. After a bit of worry, NBC has renewed Days of Our Lives, and viewers know that the show has a lot of wild stories to tell in the months ahead.

[Photo by Vivien Kilillea/Getty Images]