Rob Kardashian Gives Blac Chyna The Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ever

Rob Kardashian just gave his beau Blac Chyna the most romantic Valentine’s Day gift ever.

Rob, 28, and Blac took their online PDA up a notch on Valentine’s Day as Miss Chyna showed off her man’s romantic gift via a short video on her Instagram account, according to Hollywood Life.

So what exactly did the 27-year-old former exotic performer receive? Well, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star gave not one gift, but two. The first one was traditional, but grand in a way worthy of the Kardashian name: a giant bouquet of a hundred red roses! Blac Chyna flaunted the flowers by way of an Instagram photo showing herself sitting on a kitchen table top and smelling the flowers. She captioned the photo: “Happy Valentine’s Day”

The second Valentine’s Day gift Blac received from Rob scored major points just for sheer originality. It was a beautiful painting depicting Blac sporting pink hair. Better yet, the painting was created using tiny, glittery letters that spell out the lyrics to their song, John Legend’s The Beginning. You have to look closely for the letters to be legible. The video itself shows viewers a closer look.

Blac’s words during the video were: “Look at this really nice painting that my babe got for me. And if you look really close, it’s actually lyrics to our song, uh-hum. Happy Valentine’s Day, Rob.'”

And here are the words for the lyrics:

“Last night was the last night you’ll ever spend alone. Couldn’t wait. Did it in the living room. Soon as I saw you, baby, I had plans – plans to do it ’til we have a baby. Even if the world is crazy. Pick some names, boy or girl.”

Going by those words, is it safe to assume that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are now planning on conceiving a baby? Seems like it. Remember last month when Rob himself sparked the baby rumors by sharing a meme showing Chyna carrying a baby carseat. The meme’s caption says it all.

That said, it’s well worth noting that Blac Chyna has a two-year-old son named King Cairo with ex-boyfriend Tyga, who also happens to be dating Rob’s half-sister, Kylie Jenner.

Rob Kardashian, who just recently got in on the act of posting on social media, also shared a meme with the caption: “when bae ask what she getting for Valentine’s Day.” The photo that accompanied the caption is highly suggestive: a man throwing what appears to be a photoshopped image of an eggplant emoji.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna sure are piling on the PDA of late. Unfortunately, their romance causes a lot of friction between Rob and his family, especially Khloe Kardashian. As mentioned earlier, Blac Chyna is not just Tyga’s ex-girlfriend, she’s also the mother of the rapper’s two-year-old boy. As reported in The Daily Mail, Kylie “feels betrayed” by her half-brother for not taking that familial dynamic into account when he hooked up with her boyfriend’s ex. Kylie Jenner’s ever-supportive sisters, Kim and Khloe, seem to have backed her. Khloe, for her part, kicked Rob out of her house when she found out about the pair.

On the one hand, Rob Kardashian, who has been battling deep depression and weight issues for the past three years, has never looked happier since news of his romantic involvement with Blac Chyna went public.

Most fans are of the opinion that the Kardashian sisters have been a tad unfair to Rob for not giving the romance their blessing, especially on account of the fact that Blac may have saved their brother’s life.

As to that, Khloe has started to come around a bit. During a livestream on her app in early February, a fan wrote, “I just want rob to be happy and be treated the way he deserves,” to which Khloe responded, “Girl I agree, whatever makes Rob happy.”

[Photos by Rob Kardashian/Instagram and Isaac Brekken/Getty Images]