Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Is Clobbering Megyn Kelly In The Ratings

It is rumored that the relationship between Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly has been strained. CNN Money broke the news.

“The animosity between O’Reilly and Kelly is an open secret in the halls of Fox. People there disagree about its origins, but they agree the two prime time hosts are highly competitive with one another. ‘He’s never had a serious challenger like her before,’ said one high-ranking source at Fox.”

Fox News' Megyn Kelly
Part of the feud could have something to do with Trump’s close relationship with O’Reilly at a time Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump have been at each others’ throats since August in 2015. However, the controversy seems to be affecting Megyn Kelly more than Bill O’Reilly, as he is absolutely clobbering her in the cable news ratings.

When averaging nightly ratings from last week at ShowBuzzDaily, Bill O’Reilly attracted an average of 3.3 million viewers a night. Monday night was his biggest, with 3.68 million viewers and Tuesday, with 2.6 million viewers, was his lowest night. On the other hand, Megyn Kelly averaged 2.38 million viewers a night — lower than the average for her. Monday was her biggest night, with 2.76 million viewers while her lowest night, Tuesday, only attracted 1.6 million.

The New Hampshire primary was a huge topic on both of their shows this week. O’Reilly began his show Wednesday evening talking about the results of the New Hampshire votes.

Trump and Sanders win, it wasn’t even close. Granite State voters sent a signal loud and clear — we don’t want establishment politicians. Exit polling shows that a whopping 95 percent of Republican voters are dissatisfied or downright angry with the political environment.”

Bill O’Reilly added that only 10 percent of Democrats say they are angry, but 40 percent are dissatisfied. He also stated that even though Bernie Sanders was celebrating, he’ll have a tough road ahead, since Clinton will likely clobber him in South Carolina and beyond.

On the same night, Megyn Kelly interviewed Republican candidate Ted Cruz.

“It was an incredible victory in Iowa. The next week, everyone in the media said, OK, fine, Cruz won in Iowa, but there’s no way a conservative can do well in New Hampshire. New Hampshire, it’s a moderate New England state. Conservatives, you cannot get support there. Last night, we astonished all the pundits again by finishing with a strong third place finish and unifying the conservative movement,” Cruz claimed, while obviously trying to spin his loss.

Donald Trump Election
Megyn Kelly asked Ted Cruz why Donald Trump won with moderates as well as conservatives and Cruz said that New Hampshire is a good place for “liberal” Republicans, such as Donald Trump, who are pro-choice. Cruz was obviously trying to promote his conservative credentials.

This was one of the very few segments in which Megyn Kelly has not bashed Donald Trump. She has made passive-aggressive or just plain aggressive statements against Trump just about every night on her show, which could be one of the reasons her ratings, which are still very commendable, have slightly dipped. Trump’s fans have gone after Kelly on Twitter for what they believe is her unprofessional attitude when it comes to Trump.

In the next week, we should hear a lot about the death of Justice Antonin Scalia from both Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly. Both of their shows should remain the top two in cable news ratings.

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