Katy Perry Celebrates Divorce From Russell Brand by Singing Karaoke

It’s no surprise that Katy Perry has a lot to celebrate these days. Katy Perry’s personal 3D movie Part of Me did exceptionally well at the box office, but even more than that the pop star is celebrating the finalization of her divorce from Russell Brand. Their divorce was officially finalized this Monday.

Katy Perry, who went under her full name Katheryn to perform her karaoke duties, rapped to Will Smith’s “Welcome to Miami” in a bar in Catalina Island. Perry rapped to the song in a jovial manner, playfully trying to get the audience involved as she rapped along with the karaoke track.

With the divorce from Russell Brand comes many other career opportunities for Katy Perry, which was said to be the reason for their split. Recently when asked about whether or not she could be up to judge American Idol, she told The Hollywood Reporter that she was at least approached by the producers, “People have reached out to me about the possibility of being involved, and it’s not right for me yet. It’s a real commitment to be on one of those shows. I have ideas for two or three big, creative things, and I want to be able to fulfill those ideas.”

Recently Perry’s ex Russell Brand broke his silence on the troubles he had endured with Katy Perry during a taping of his show Brand X saying, “I’ve had enough as*ache from people named Katy,” and then later joked about his joke getting around, “Oh no, there might be a journalist in the room. Oh well.”

Do you think Katy Perry’s karaoke song was a message to ex-husband Russell Brand.