Note to Prince William: Never Pose in "Sex Pics"

When I lived in England, I remember how interested the Brits were in "intimate" shots of the Royals-- you know, day-to-day stuff. But I have a feeling that this oversteps everyone's boundaries: potential sex pics of Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton. The Sunreports that the photos were obtained from a stolen camera memory card, and that they caught the culprits in the act:

"They insisted they had found the flashcard in a gutter in the Maida Vale area of North West London and attempted to sell the pictures for more than £50,000. But The Sun had already contacted William's staff at Clarence House. And the men, who showed us the pictures during meetings, were secretly photographed before we retrieved the camera card. We then passed all our information to the police and they prepared a warrant to swoop on the suspects."

There's speculation that the photos may have been more than just "cuddling," and I have a feeling that this could be true. The pics were described by The Sun as having "Kate and William gazing at each other as they took a dip together in a pool" and "Kate pos[ing] for the camera in her bikini as she enjoyed a yoga-style session." (Downward dog?! We need specifics here.)

For anyone who's fixated on Prince William and thinks he's dreamy, hang on tight: there could always be an odd leaked photo in the next week or so.