‘Better Call Saul’ Season 2 Spoilers: Bob Odenkirk Talks Jimmy’s Transformation Into Saul – ‘Talking Saul’ To Debut After Premiere

Better Call Saul is back for Season 2 when the AMC hit premieres on Monday. Bob Odenkirk has been on a publicity tour for the popular Breaking Bad spinoff and he’s been talking about what fans can expect from the upcoming season. How will Jimmy McGill evolve into the wheeling and dealing lawyer to Walter White? It certainly didn’t happen overnight and Odenkirk has spilled several details that will take place in the upcoming Season 2 of Better Call Saul.

As the final episode of Season 1 wound down, Jimmy turned his back on his old life and drove off into the sunset. Having turned his back on a job with a big law firm, we all knew bigger things awaited him, but how he gets to that point is still a mystery. A new character will come into Jimmy’s life who has the power to change everything. According to Entertainment Weekly, Clifford, played by Ed Begley Jr., will be introduced and he will play an instrumental part of Jimmy’s transformation into Saul.

Clifford will be a mentor to Jimmy and will help him to become much more cunning and clever. We can expect Clifford to teach Jimmy many of the legal tricks that he uses when operating as Saul Goodman in later episodes. It has been said many times now that Clifford’s relationship with Jimmy McGill has a lot to do with his transformation into a much better and more effective attorney.

Better Call Saul co-creator Peter Gould said in an interview recently that the theme to Season 2 has everything to do with what you are willing to do in order to get what you want. No one is immune to the theme spelled out by Gould and it will effect Jimmy as well as Mike Ehrmentraut, played by Jonathan Banks. Both men will be chasing that something and the things they want is going to lead them into some very dark places.

There will be romance for Jimmy McGill, at least for part of Better Call Saul season 2. Jimmy will try to find a way to have love and chase after his dreams too. His relationship with Kim will be a huge part of Season 2. Kim has an idea of what she thinks Jimmy should be doing and it’s pretty clear that he is not doing it. Gould made it clear that Jimmy’s relationship with Kim will be a key part of Season 2. Will it be a key part of his transformation into Saul too?

As Better Call Saul starts to get closer to the Breaking Bad timeline, there will be a lot more similarity between the two shows. Gould said that fans of Breaking Bad will start to see similarities right from the very first episode of Season 2 because the prequel takes place in the same city as Breaking Bad. Those who paid attention during the first show will see a lot of familiar landmarks and possibly even see familiar faces too. While the co-creator didn’t disclose specific Easter eggs that fans can look for in upcoming episodes of Better Call Saul they are definitely in there and may not be hidden too deep either.

To make things more interesting, Better Call Saul is getting its own conversation this season. Much its AMC cousin The Walking Dead its own talk show The Talking Dead,Better Call Saul is getting a hand now with Talking Saul. The talk show will air live right after the Season 2 premiere and the finale episodes. Talking Saul will be hosted by Chris Hardwick, who also hosts the other AMC talk show and will serve as a guide to the show, helping those who may have missed certain key sequences that set Better Call Saul up as the prequel to the AMC superhit Breaking Bad.

Better Call Saul will be much darker in Season 2 as Jimmy and Mike both start to get tangled up with a more dangerous crowd. As Jimmy sets out to prove his brother Chuck McGill wrong and embark on a successful legal career. Jimmy is determined to be more than mediocre even if it means dealing with some very shady characters and putting himself and those around him at risk.

Better Call Saul premieres on Monday, February 15 at 10 p.m./9 p.m. central.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]