‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Glenn Rhee, Daryl Dixon Could Be Killed Off In Frantic Season 6

The Walking Dead is back with a bang, as new spoilers indicate that some major characters may die before the end of a crazy Season 6 — including fan favorites Glenn Rhee and Daryl Dixon.

[Warning: There are some Walking Dead spoilers ahead]

The start of the second half of Season 6 includes the introduction of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a character that Morgan himself calls a “game changer.” There are many who believe this means the end of Glenn Rhee, which would follow along the story line laid out in the graphic novel series.

Show-runner Scott Gimple didn’t give much hope to fans who want to see Glenn stay alive through the remainder of Season 6.

“It’d be disingenuous of me to say, from a viewer’s point of view, that I wouldn’t be afraid,” he told TVLine. “But what am I holding out hope for? That it isn’t going to be like that? And, man, if it isn’t going to be like that, then what is going to happen? I doubt it’s going to involve flowers. The fact that he’s coming is not going to mean great stuff for Rick’s group.”

The potential death of Glenn Rhee would be a punch in the stomach to fans, who endured what appeared to be his death earlier this season. It turned out that Nicholas protected Glenn as a group of walkers tore him apart, saving his life but leaving fans waiting several weeks to find out his fate.

The Walking Dead spoilers could be spread out this season. While many expect the season to start off the death of a major character, Negan himself won’t actually arrive until the April 3 finale.

Vanity Fair may have found a more immediate spoiler in The Walking Dead trailer, which shows Rick, Carl, Jessie, and her sons, Sam and Ron, trying a gutsy escape through a horde of walkers.

The report noted that the escape may end in tragedy.

“Jessie won’t leave him even as he goes down but also refuses to let go of Carl’s hand. The Episode 9 teaser makes sure you remember that she has a firm grasp on Carl.

“In the comics, rather than watch his son get dragged into a zombie frenzy, Rick hacks off Jessie’s hand, effectively killing his girlfriend (who may or may not already be bitten at this point) to save his son. Ah, love in the time of zombies.

“There’s also a lot of speculation that Jessie’s other son, Ron, will wind up shooting Carl in the eye during the fracas. It’s a different character in the comic book that gives Carl that disfiguring wound, but in the show it’s Ron who has been (literally) gunning for Carl. Rick’s going to feel pretty dumb about teaching that kid to shoot, now.”

There are other potential Walking Dead spoilers indicating what would be a much, much bigger death. Late last year AMC announced a new series calling Ride with Norman Reedus in which the Walking Dead actor rides to various locations across the country. That led to widespread speculation that Reedus was leaving the show, with the reality show serving as a transition for fans.

Fans aching to find out out if the Walking Dead spoilers about possible deaths of Glenn Rhee and Daryl Dixon are true won’t have to wait much longer. The Season 6 mid-season premiere airs on February 14.

[Image via AMC]