George W. Bush: Being President For Eight Years Was Awesome

George W. Bush is one of the few people that can discuss what it is like being the President of the United States. Well he decided to do just that in an interview with the Hoover Institute’s Peter Robinson. Bush gave the interview and he discussed a lot of topics. He said that when he left office he decided to be like his father, and just fade from view after his Presidency.

But when asked about what he thought about being the President he said,

“Eight years was awesome, and I was famous and I was powerful. But I have no desire for fame and power anymore,”

Bush said of his role model father George H. W. Bush,

“I thought long and hard about that and decided that not being on the stage was something I was comfortable with. Peter, there’s really no sacrifice in serving the country, particularly if you love the country like I do. But if there is one, it’s loss of anonymity. And as best as I can, I’m trying to regain it.”

Bush said that he was not one of those people who believed that ex-presidents have an obligation to fade out from the public view. He said it is bad for the Presidency to “have former presidents bloviating, opining and telling people how it ought to be done.”

President Bush was speaking at the Hoover Institute as one of the places he stopped to talk about the George W. Bush Institute, his Presidential Library, and which is dedicated to promoting the principles he believes in without having to deal with the politics that come with it. He is going around the country promoting a book put out by his Institute about economic growth called, “The 4 Percent Solution: Unleashing the Economic Growth America Needs”

Int he interview he also goes onto a lighter note and talks about his love for the iPad when asked about what books are on his bookshelf, saying,

“We don’t have bookstands anymore. We’ve got iPads. Please.”

Watch the interview here!