‘Justice League’ Movie Game: If It Happens, Here Is What Warner Bros. Should Do

A Justice League movie game could be a hit if it’s done right and continues to buck the trend of poorly made movie tie-ins. Thankfully, Warner Bros. owns the rights to DC Comics films and has proven in the past decade that they can do a lot right on both ends.

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was the first time Batman was given a complete series that didn’t become a train wreck by the end. The Batman: Arkham series was the first time a superhero game franchise was revered and universally loved. Warner Bros. has come a long way since Superman 4 and Batman & Robin.

Eagle-eyed gamers have noticed several references to other DC Comics properties in Batman: Arkham Knight, such as LexCorp, Queen Industries, and a Zatanna magic shop. Combine this with the future plans to turn the DC Comics superheroes into a series of films and you have the possibility of a Justice League movie game.

Warner Bros. also produced video games based on Lord of the Rings (Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor) and Mad Max, both of which borrowed some from Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham series. Both also ended up being among the best open-world games of their respective years. Now that Batman: Arkham Knight was revealed to be Rocksteady’s last game in the series and rumors have risen that Warner Bros. Montreal is working on two more titles which have yet to be announced, it seems another DC superhero game is inevitable.

If a Justice League movie game is indeed being made, there are some things they will need to do to make it as successful as, if not bigger than, the Arkham series.

First, the combat needs to be similar to the Arkham games. It’s been borrowed extensively in other games that have proven to be a hit, so evolving it for new characters probably wouldn’t be that difficult.

As long as Batman isn’t still fighting off drones by the hundreds in a tank with questionable controls, it could work.

As you wander a city under siege by major villains, you swap between Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Justice League to solve puzzles using their unique abilities. Superman would be super strong, have the ability to see through walls, and can hover in mid-air. Batman would have detective vision, allowing him to focus on the important parts of the environment, and be able to grapple directly to distant ledges. Green Lantern could use his ring to create objects he needs, Green Arrow has a variety of arrows with various properties, and so on.

Technically, the Justice League movie game should make you think about which character best suits the puzzle you’re facing.

You’ll still have the regular crimes around the area to take on with the character of your choice and occasional unknown supervillains to take down like in CW’s Arrow and The Flash, and 20th Century Fox’s Gotham. The difficult part would be making Aquaman useful, as underwater areas are rarely fun in any title and could drag the Justice League movie game down. Perhaps in his case, there is a death trap which can only be passed by someone who can breathe under water and use aquatic life as an ally.

Finally, you need to unlock members of the Justice League in the movie game by completing story missions and taking down major villains. Beating Lex Luthor in a homicidal game of Chess could be how you gain access to Superman, for example. Of course, you start the game with just Batman, as a kind of nod to the Arkham series.

What do you think should be in a Justice League movie game?

[Image via Warner Bros.]