February 12, 2016
'The 100' Season 3 Episode 5 Spoilers: 'Hakeldama' Definition - Bellamy Has Regrets - Clarke's New Threat

Spoilers for The 100 season 3, episode 5 have been released. Based on the synopsis and promo clip for "Hakeldama," fans are in for more action, suspense, and shocking moments. Expect Clarke to face a new threat, Raven to become a target, and Murphy to be playing a dangerous game. Also, Bellamy regrets the anti-Grounder move, Pike is proud of his accomplishment, and Abby tries to control the damage. There is also information on what "Hakeldama" means.

Before getting to The 100 season 3, episode 5 spoilers, the events of Thursday's episode should be discussed.

On the last episode of The 100, Pike spoke to Bellamy about the Mount Weather massacre. Pike also told him that they need to take action to prevent the Grounders from attacking the camp. Pike had a convincing argument. He knew that Bellamy felt guilty about the deaths at Mount Weather, especially Gina's. Pike used that angle to pressure Bellamy. His reasoning is that tough decisions are made to ensure the Sky People and Arkers survive.

Bellamy decided to take Pike's advice, but they were stopped by Lincoln, Abby, and Kane. Before locking up Pike, Kane was forced to reveal that they are now the 13th Clan. Pike told the camp that they are now slaves to the Grounders, branded like cattle. The camp turned against Kane, and Pike was made Commander. His first order of business was to reject the 13th Clan and to take out the Grounder army sent to protect them.

The 100 season 3, episode 4 also featured a battle between Prince Roan and Lexa. Both had crazy battle moves, and Lexa had a close call. In the end, Lexa won, but instead of killing Roan, Lexa hurled her weapon across the arena. It struck Queen Nia in the chest, killing her within seconds.

Queen Nia's death was a shocking plot twist on The 100. Fans thought the Ice Nation leader would be a major part of The 100 season 3 storyline. What does Nia's death mean for Ice Nation and Lexa's clan?

"First of all, Nia's death makes her son — the abandoned prince of the Ice Nation — suddenly the king. He goes from banished bounty hunter to king in four episodes," creator Jason Rothenberg told TV Line. "In many ways, it begins to heal what had been a threatening of an inter-clan war between the Ice Nation and the Tree Crew. Nia's death puts that on the back-burner; she was the one who had been pushing that."

Previous spoilers for The 100 season 3 revealed that Clarke accepted Lexa's offer because she didn't trust her. Jason Rothenberg told TV Line that it was a way for Clarke to keep an eye on her former love interest. However, many fans of The 100 wondered if Clarke's feelings for Lexa also played a part in her decision.

On Thursday's episode of The 100, Clarke was desperate to save Lexa. It could be reasoned that it was to ensure the Sky People would be protected. However, Clarke's desperation to protect Lexa was clear. The look on her face made it clear that Clarke still has feelings for Lexa. At the end of the episode, Clarke even tended to Lexa's injuries.

With everything that happened, what can fans expect on The 100 season 3, episode 5, titled "Hakeldama?" According to Spoilers Guide, the synopsis reveals that Clarke will face a new threat and Raven will be targeted. The press release also states that Murphy is running a dangerous con.

The extended promo for The 100 season 3, episode 5 has been released. It seems that Pike and Bellamy will kill the Grounders stationed outside the camp. Clarke says it is an act of war, while Pike is proud of his accomplishment. Bellamy tells Pike that they went too far and Kane explains they murdered people who were only at the camp to protect them.

Abby will do what she can to save the camp after the murders. She asks Clarke how they can protect themselves from retaliation. By the shocked and worried look on Clarke's face, there might be nothing that can be done. Although the camp is technically Clarke's group, she is loyal to Lexa. Will she be able to keep it a secret, or will she be forced to reveal that the Sky People and Arkers murdered the Grounder army? She will likely be forced to choose between two sides or make one person pay the price.

The Grounders have a motto: "Blood must have blood." The Grounders will need someone to die when one of their own is killed. Pike and Bellamy's actions will cause the deaths of an entire army. Will one person paying with their life be enough or will the entire camp need to be killed? Will Clarke try to protect Bellamy? Or will his actions result in Clarke seeing her friend as an enemy?

There is also the question of how Pike will react when Bellamy says they went too far. He seemed to be understanding when convincing Bellamy to join the anti-Grounder movement. Now that Pike is Commander and has gotten what he wanted, Bellamy's regret probably won't be taken well.

Bellamy will also have issues with his sister on The 100. Octavia views the Grounders as her people and Bellamy's participation is the ultimate betrayal. Will Bellamy pay the price with his life?

Just an interesting tidbit, Hakeldama is not a word, but a place. It is mentioned in the Bible and sometimes has alternate spellings. It is referred to as the "field of blood" because Judas bought the land with money he received to betray Jesus. It is also the place where he killed himself.

Hakeldama is sometimes also used to describe an area of bloodshed. According to the website Bible-History, it was believed to consume dead bodies within 24 hours.

TV Guide reported that Jason Rothenberg teased learning about the "Grounder spirituality." Perhaps "Hakeldama" is a clue that the Grounder belief system or superstitions will be explained after Pike and Bellamy's act of war.

The 100 season 3, episode 5 airs February 18 on the CW network.

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