Denmark Just ‘Burned’ Bernie Sanders — Country’s Prime Minister Says Presidential Hopeful Is Lying To Those Who ‘Feel The Bern’

Jan Omega - Author

Feb. 12 2016, Updated 1:43 a.m. ET

The 2016 Presidential Race has picked up aggressively as we speed towards election day. For those who identify themselves as liberal, it seems they have found their champion, their knight in shining armor, in the form of Bernie Sanders. The United States Senator from Vermont turned frontrunner for the Democratic Party has gained massive popularity among Millennials for his social democratic policies. Though Sanders himself has broken down how he will incorporate said policies, most people simply know them as tacking the term “free” to healthcare, college, and other social services.

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It is also well-known that Bernie Sanders often cites the Nordic model of social democracy as the basis for his model too, specifically Denmark. However, reports show Sanders was “burned” by the very country he admires. Denmark’s Prime Minister said Sanders is lying to those who “Feel the Bern” about their economic model.

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