Extremely Rare Blue Frog Found in Downers Grove

An extremely rare blue bullfrog was discovered by Jerry Zamirowski in the Hidden Lake Forest Preserve in Downers Grove. The frog is thought to have acquired its amazing blue color through a genetic malfunction. The rare find gives Zamirowski bragging rights to something he may never see again.

ABC Chicago interviewed some top ecologists in the field about the rare find and they confirmed that a blue frog is the result of as genetic mutation.

The Daily Harald also picked up the story and said the find was literally as rare as finding a piece of as meteor. Zamirowski told the Herald that the frog he found possesses a chameleon like ability to blend its coloring into the area around it. Frogs produce a green color by blending a blue and yellow pigment. In these types of frogs, scientists believe they are unable to produce the yellow pigment.

NBC Chicago is reporting that this sighting is the first of its type in Chicago.

DuPage County Forest Preserve District public affairs specialist Bonnie Olszewski said,

“we’ve never seen anything exactly like that before.”

In addition to genetic mutations scientists are discovering new species of amphibians and reptiles all the time as a result of the enhanced ability to observe the wild through technical means. Just this week a new type of rose colored serpent was found in Southern Africa and in Australia earlier this year scientists discovered a new type of yellow horned frog. Scientists are estimating that over the course of the next ten year they will be able to positively identify dozens of new species.