Scary: Toddler strangled to death by pet python

A Florida toddler was killed this morning when she was strangled by the family’s pet python.

The deadly accident occurred in Oxford, about 50 miles NW of Orlando, at around 9:30 am. Details surrounding the incident are scarce, but Lt. Steve Binegar of the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the incident to the press. He refused to answer further questions regarding the tragic death of the two-year-old girl.

Although pythons are not native to Florida, they have increasingly been spotted in the wild in recent years. Burmese pythons are particularly popular, and oftentimes pet owners will release the snakes into areas such as the Everglades when they become too large to manage at home or lose their novelty. They are known to be an invasive species in Florida and have reproduced prolifically after their artificial introduction to the area.

Burmese pythons can weigh up to 150 lbs and measure more than 15 feet in length. The animals are known to use constriction as a means of catching and killing prey, including humans.