Stingy ‘Destiny’ Crimson Days Rewards Have Players Getting Creative

The DestinyCrimson Days event promoted two unique Ghost Shells for the Valentine’s Day-themed Crucible event. Unfortunately, PlayStation and Xbox players participating in the event have struggled to receive the Shells, despite grinding multiple hours into the Crimson Doubles playlist. Some have resorted to dubious means in an attempt to increase their chances.

Destiny community members are filling up the Reddit and Bungie forums with complaints about the drop rate for both Ghost Shells and Legendary weapons from the Crimson Doubles playlist. As previously covered, the Sugary Shell and Crimson Shell are supposed to drop as end of match rewards up to the max Light level of 320.

Ghost Shells are one of two pieces of equipment Destiny players have taken to grinding for since the release of The Taken King in an attempt to bring their characters up to 320 Light. It’s a toss-up between Shells and Helmets as to what might be holding a particular player back, but it has turned into a source of frustration.

Destiny Sugary Shell and Crimson Shell (PlayStation, Xbox) The Sugary Shell and Crimson Shell for Destiny Crimson Days. [Image via Bungie]Players are reporting horrendous drop rates of Ghost Shells after pouring many hours into playing the Destiny event. For example, Reddit user irwinsstingray claims to have received zero Shells after playing in 50 games. He was echoed by others in the same thread claiming no Ghosts after playing 60, 69, 70 games, and more.

Meanwhile, TwitchTV personality sc_Slayerage has spent more than 20 hours attempting to get one of the new Ghost Shells. As of the time of this article, he is still streaming with little luck, but his attempt has gained him many viewers.

Many Destiny players have decided the quickest way to get to obtain the coveted Ghost Shell is to quickly end Crimson Doubles matches. What is the best way to end matches quickly, you ask? By committing suicide as soon as you spawn into the arena.

Crimson Doubles is an Elimination style event. This means one team wins when both opposing players have kicked the bucket. So, players are immediately jumping over the side of the maps or finding other ways to kills themselves immediately.

Destiny Crimson Days (PlayStation, Xbox) [Image via Bungie]One method growing in popularity is using the Touch of Malice. This is, of course, the Scout Rifle that does damage to the player when repeatedly fired on the last round in the magazine. Repeated firing will cause death. Thus, Destiny players will now spawn into the game and fire the weapon until they have given up the ghost, so to speak.

One enterprising Destiny player even tried an experiment involving a rubber band and the PS4 controller.

“So tonight my buddy and I tied a rubber-band around our ps4-controllers and equipped Touch of Malice – so that we would kill ourselves every round,” LordRickonStark shared on Reddit. “Then I went to bed and got up exactly 8 hours later. The time between two reward screens is approximately 4 minutes and 21 seconds (depending on how long matchmaking takes).

“So we went through roughly 110 rounds of rewards.”

What did he get for his (lack of) effort? Not a single one of the Crimson Days Ghost Shells. He did manage to obtain a large amount of Strange Coins, Motes of Light, and varying level of gear drops though.

It is worth noting the method used by LordRickonStark appears to work best on the PlayStation 4. Xbox One users in the thread report being kicked for inactivity, despite the rubber band on the right trigger trick.

Bungie and Destiny are currently under a heavy amount of criticism from the game’s community and various media outlets. The lack of new DLC content while waiting for the rumored-to-be-delayed sequel has placed a serious crimp on the game’s current population.

Activision will release a fiscal earnings report later today, with many hoping to see some mention of the future plans for Destiny.

[Image via Bungie]