‘Destiny’ Crimson Days Debut: What You Need To Know

Bungie released the latest Destiny update Tuesday that also flipped the switch on the Crimson Days event. PlayStation and Xbox partners will need to partner up to take on a Valentine’s Day-themed doubles challenge featuring new rewards and emotes.

When Does It Run?

This Crimson Days event starts Tuesday, February 9 and will run until the Destiny weekly reset on Tuesday, February 16. This typically occurs at 4 a.m. ET / 1 a.m. PT.

Go visit Lord Shaxx to obtain the “Crimson Bonds” quest. The only requirement is for players to be level 40.

Destiny Crimson Days (PlayStation, Xbox)
[Image via Bungie]

What Modes And Maps Are Supported?

Crimson Doubles is the only mode supported during the event and is a two-versus-two Elimination gametype as the name suggests. Players will need to partner up in Fireteams of two to dive into the playlist. Singles are not allowed.

“When your teammate dies, you become ‘enraged’ with the Broken Heart buff. When you find yourself alone in the fight, you gain maximum ratings for Armor, Agility, Recovery, and Weapon Handling speed,” Senior Designer Leif Johansen explained.

Those that have problems finding others to play with can use sites such as the100 and DestinyLFG to meet up with other Destiny players.

Just remember, the February update causes players to not start with Special Weapon ammo for Sniper Rifles and Shotguns in small gametypes. Sidearms are the exception.

The usual rotation of maps from the Elimination and Salvage playlists will be used.


The special end-game loot includes Sugary Shell and Crimson Shell Ghost Shells that can drop at up to 320 Light. Two new Shaders will be available as well as post-game rewards, and a new emblem will be the quest reward.

Destiny Sugary Shell and Crimson Shell (PlayStation, Xbox)
The Sugary Shell and Crimson Shell for Destiny Crimson Days. [Image via Bungie]

A Crimson Candy consumable is another possible reward that will grant the Crimson Connection buff when used. This grants a weapon experience boost to every member of a fireteam for 30 minutes.

Does Gear And Level Matter?

Somewhat surprisingly, no. Crimson Doubles will use the standard Crucible settings where Light level does not come into play. This means players can experiment with Year One weapons like the Thorn and Icebreaker in the playlist without being put at a disadvantage.

Players must be level 40 to participate, though, as mentioned above.

Crimson Bonds Quest

The Crimson Bonds Quest comes with one, technically two, simple steps. First, complete seven Crucible matches in the Crimson Doubles playlist while in a Fireteam. Second, return to Lord Shaxx to receive your reward.



Destiny players will need to visit Lord Shaxx in the Tower to receive the bounties. These replace his normal collection of weekly bounties. They are generally focused on team work. Note that turning in the Crimson Glory bounty will come with a Nightfall-level reward.

Bounty Description Experience Reputation
Crimson Precision Defeat opposing Guardians with Precision headshots. 3,750 75
Master of Arms Defeat opposing Guardians with a variety of Primary weapon types. 3,750 75
Finish the Thought Assist or be assisted in defeating opposing Guardians. 3,750 75
Days of Victory Earn points – winning rounds in the Crimson Doubles playlist are worth 5. Round completions are worth 1. 3,750 75
Two Lights as One Defeat opposing Guardians with any ability. 3,750 75
Crimson Glory Earn points – wins in the Crimson Doubles playlist are worth 3 points. Match completions are worth 1. 5,000 200

Eververse Trading Company

A new set of emotes is now available from Tess Everiss, including one based on Drake’s Hotline Bling. Here is the complete list along with a video courtesy of Destiny Tracker showing them off. Note that each costs 500 in-game Silver ($5).

New Shaders

[Image via Activision]