‘Wrong Swipe’ Lifetime Movie Addresses GPS Dating App Dangers, Starring Anna Hutchinson, Blake Berris

Wrong Swipe, aka Swipe, is a brand-new thriller that Lifetime will debut this Saturday. It doesn’t appear to be based on any particular true story, but it does come with a very strong message about GPS-based dating apps. Produced by Mar Vista Entertainment and Cartel Pictures, Wrong Swipe shows what can go wrong when a new dating app allows suitors to track potential love interests through GPS.

This Saturday night thriller is directed by Matthew Leutwyler and written by Sophie Tilson and Shanrah Wakefield. According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), the cast stars Anna Hutchinson as Anna, Rhys Ward as Matt, Days of Our Lives’ Blake Berris as Todd, Karissa Lee Staples as Sasha, Eric Scott Woods as Ivan, Phillipp Karner as Pete, Kevin Joy as Nate, Arthur Napiontek as Jake, and Stacey Moseley as Detective Thompson.

Wrong Swipe Lifetime movie synopsis

Wrong Swipe on Lifetime introduces us to Anna, a young woman whose father died five years ago. Sadly, his death left her with the feeling that she cannot trust anyone. Anna is also lonely in love. And seeing how much her friend, Sasha, loves her new guy, makes being single all the more unbearable. Things look up when Sasha creates a profile for Anna on a new online site called Swipe, a dating app that has the ability to allow users to track a love interest via GPS. Dating apps are really not her thing, but Anna decides to try it. Within a few minutes, she has a trail of guys who are very interested in her. Judging by some of the profiles, some of the men seem to have all of the traits that she’s looking for in a guy.

Out of all the men, the one who captures her attention the most is Pete, a man who is looking for a nice girl who plays no games. However, just after she signs up for the latest dating app, she gets a strange visit from a man named Todd, who used the app to track her location to the school where she is attending classes. Creeped out at first, Anna tries to brush it off until a series of strange events begin happening to her, such as bizarre text messages and signs that someone is watching her. Her fears are heightened when her notifications alert her that one of the guys from the Swipe dating app is very close to her location. And when she realizes that someone was just outside her window, Anna believes that she has captured the attention of a real psycho with a deadly agenda, one that is sure to be a match made in hell.

Bringing It Down To Reality

Lately, it seems that Lifetime Television’s newest movies have slyly been warning viewers of potential dangers in society. In a previous article, we brought you coverage of the new Lifetime movie The Wrong Car, which was about the dangers of using rideshare services like Uber. In Lifetime Television’s Wrong Swipe, viewers will come away with the message that some dating apps — especially the ones that use GPS tracking — can lure a person into a dangerous or deadly situation.

All over the country, those who are using dating apps have found themselves being robbed, raped, and stalked. According to 6-ABC, the Philadelphia Police Department issued the following safety precautions when using dating apps, like MeetMe, Grindr, Tinder, Tango, and Skout.

“Use caution when meeting with a stranger. Always meet for the first few times in a public place. Do not back to your home and if possible bring friends along. Ask for ID to make sure the person you are meeting is who they say they are. Always trust your gut.”

Wrong Swipe is executive produced by Fernando Szew, Naz Tliachev, and Carla Woods, with music by Brittany DuBay and Brittany Dunton.

Don’t miss Lifetime’s newest flick, Wrong Swipe, which airs on Saturday, February 13 at 7 p.m. Afterward, sound off about the movie on social media using hashtag #WrongSwipe. Check out our coverage of the Lifetime movie The House Sitter.

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