Flash Mob ‘Terrorizes’ And Robs Walmart in Jacksonville, Florida

A flash mob of 300 teenagers converged upon a Walmart in Jacksonville, Florida after police officers broke up a party they were attending nearby. An individual was shot in the leg at the teen party, prompting police action, according to The Blaze. The Florida flash mob reportedly destroyed Walmart merchandise and threw food from the store’s grocery section and frightened customers with their shouts and destructive behavior.

Members of the teen flash mob stole items and scared customers, according to Channel 4 News crime analyst Ken Jefferson. The Walmart flash mob also allegedly stole an anti-shoplifting security scanner which was valued at $1,500. Channel 4 News also notes police officers did not make any arrests after the flash mob took over the Jacksonville store but the teens involved will most likely face criminal charges.

Police officers broke up a teen party in a North Jacksonville subdivision after one young man was shot in the leg. According to police document excerpts republished by the Florida Times-Union, “hundreds” of teen partiers “fled” when they noticed the lights and sirens heading in the direction of the party. Approximately 90 minutes after the party abruptly ended, a teen flash mob appeared at the Jacksonville Walmart store.

Gunshots may be been fired outside of the store, but no customers or vehicles were hit, according to a Florida Times-Union report on the flash mob incident. At least a few of the teen flash mob members shot cell phone videos while inside the Walmart store and posted them to YouTube.

The videos show teens throwing produce and riding in shopping carts. An unidentified person can be heard on the video encouraging the flash mob to relocate from Walmart to a nearby Wendy’s restaurant.