Ciara’s Net Worth — Here’s Why Her New Endorsement And Future’s Rants Don’t Mix, $15 Million Lawsuit

Ciara’s net worth has jumped forward again. And if you think Ciara’s wrong for suing Future, here’s why it’s possibly one of the better ideas of the situation.

As you probably know, Future’s mouth has finally received his own foot. Time and time again, Ciara has been ridiculed and shamed by her ex-husband’s comments and accusations, via Twitter, interviews, and in his songs. Well, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Ciara is suing Future for $15 million.

The types of statements Future has made about Ciara could create a negative public image for the singer-songwriter. While Ciara has moved on with her life — and continuing her relationship with Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson — Future appears to be stuck in the past.

Well, his hurt-filled words might have now created a major hole in his pockets. Ciara’s given him plenty of chances to silence himself. This lawsuit is not something that’s all-of-a-sudden, reports the New York Daily News. Future has been making these types of defamatory statements since their separation, and they only increased when Future found out that she entered a happy relationship with Wilson.

Recently, Ciara gained an endorsement deal with and became one of the spokeswomen for Keds on top of being the spokeswoman for Topshop. And although she probably still loves Future as her baby’s father, she can’t have her name slandered and defamed any longer.

To allow Future to continue in his public, emotional rants wouldn’t be good for business.

Rumors are rarely positive when it comes to allegations. And, of course, Keds possibly wouldn’t want that type of drama as the face of its product, mission, or values. Surely, this company wants to convey a positive message to its public.

So, Ciara is putting a stop to Future’s nonsense in possibly the best way assured and hitting him where he’d finally feel the bluntness of his actions — his money. And right now, Future doesn’t need his money to be garnished since he also has endorsements on the line.

Moreover, Future’s new album, EVOL, is a “hot grab” at the moment. Many of its critics say that it’s some of Future’s best work.

Yet, do you think Ciara’s ex-husband is going to surrender his money without a fight? No. According to TMZ and Hot New Hip Hop, Future is actually planning to file a counter-suit against Ciara for public slander and defamation as well. Ironically, Future believes that Ciara’s “I Bet” lyrics were about him. In the song, Ciara points out that she believed that — once she’d finally leave him for someone else who treats her “better than him” — his pride would be hurt.

While people are saying that the two have shared equally derogatory comments, these are “apples” and “oranges.” Ciara has maintained a level of professionalism about the situation for the most part. Likewise, Ciara hasn’t gone on interviews to bad-mouth her but has rather steered away from the conversation, whereas Future just dishes his words whenever and however he deems fit at the time.

There’s plenty of evidence against Future, as it pertains to Ciara’s lawsuit. Although he’s attempted to delete many of his condescending tweets about the singer, once a tweet is out there, it’s permanent — whether from someone’s screenshot or from the ability to embed the Twitter posts.

However, for Future’s proposed lawsuit, the only thing he allegedly has in his corner are the lyrics to Ciara’s “I Bet.” And for that to stand in court, he would have to show physical evidence that the lyrics were about him. Contrarily, he can’t prove that truth without simultaneously proving that Ciara’s alleged accusations were true as well. It’s quite the dilemma.

So, while Ciara’s evidence is easy to solidify — openly seen from Future’s own lyrics, interviews, and social media accounts — Future may be placing his foot further into his mouth by attempting a counter-suit.

All in all, what are your thoughts about Ciara’s lawsuit? Is she justified in the act? Is Future justified in counter-suing? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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