‘The Guild’ Inspired Cosplay Costume Produced By A 3D Printer And Modeled By Geek Girl Felicia Day

It’s amazing how cosplay costume design and 3D printing could make a celebrity geek girl like Felicia Day all teary-eyed. About six months ago, Felicia was contacted by 3D printing artist, Melissa Ng. The Guild actress was so moved to tears by Melissa’s note, she decided to let the cosplay 3D costumer designer pursue her dream of putting together a costume for Day, according to a report made by Geek and Sundry.

Melissa mentioned in the message to Felicia that this particular cosplay costume, which would be created via 3D printing methods, was inspired by The Guild’s Codex character and named it the “Dreamer Regalia.” Such an opportunity would then allow for the designer to expand her horizons by putting together such a unique and intricate project for Day, which was printed and sponsored by Shapeways, a company known to take someone’s uploaded design and then later produce it as the final product.

Cosplay costume design is pretty much intricate and complex with or without the use of 3D printing techniques, but the ability to combine the technology, efficiency, and having a fascinating end product is what Ng’s work is about. Melissa kept track of her progress via her Lumecluster site where her services provide people wearable costume pieces. It is pretty much where all the magic happens for Melissa Ng, and according to her Lumecluster log entry regarding Felicia Day’s finished Guild inspired project, “to give life to the imagination, make a difference, change things, push boundaries, and not conform to the status quo.”

Ng’s Guild inspired cosplay outfit and its design, which was scanned in by Cokreeate, mentioned the ability to bring imagination to life in this fashion would be considered awe inspiring.

Melissa sums it up, likening this 3D printing project to that of Felicia’s efforts and hard work as an actress.

“The Dreamer that wants to give life to the imagination, make a difference, change things, push boundaries, and not conform to the status quo. Actress and Geek and Sundry founder Felicia Day had all of these qualities and more, which made her the perfect match for the armor.”

Cosplay costume model Felicia Day was also part of the creative process when it came to Melissa’s methods. The designer never had any formal training in the field and with that said came her unique form of ingenuity which was unscripted, contrary to the beliefs of traditional artists who feel that there should be some kind of story behind their works, according to iDigital Times.

Day expressed her view on how much impressed she was and honored to have modeled the cosplay outfit.

“I am impressed and so grateful that I could contribute to her life and she could contribute to mine. That’s what art should be about.”

Felicia Day’s memoirs were also mentioned by Ng to be relatable to her own experiences as well. Apparently, Day is seen as an inspiration for the 3D printing designer and moved her to create the unique cosplay armor.

The 3D printing software that Melissa uses is called Blender, a free, community-supported program with a rather extensive learning curve for 3D costume design, according to Geek and Sundry. She expressed that once you get the hang of it, the wonders never cease to amaze. It appears that the advancement in cosplay costume design keeps moving forward.

The photos of Felicia Day in the Dreamer Regalia cosplay costume was taken by Eric Anderson with hair and make-up by Sabrina Cruz Castro.

To take a look at the 3D printing design in a virtual environment, go to Ng’s Sketchfab location. There you can see it in its 3D model form where you can click and drag it around 360 degrees. Felicia’s costume was hand painted in gold.

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Samsung]