‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Season 6, Episode 9: Dawn Of War [Watch]

AMC’s The Walking Dead is about to explode back on television sets across the nation next Sunday, and the direction of the entire series is about to be exposed in Episode 9, titled “No Way Out.” That means major characters and communities are about to both fall and triumph when it returns on February 14.

With so many trivial things that happened on the last episode of The Walking Dead, titled “Start to Finish,” it was hard for fans to separate those things from the major action that occurred. As executive producers, showrunners, and series stars have pointed out in countless interviews, it is the small things that fans need to pay attention to the most in order to really enjoy the complex nuances that have made the show such a breakthrough hit.

Fans of The Walking Dead have already seen what happened on the last episode, which included the walkers’ breakthrough and subsequent occupation of Alexandria.

Before you get the details for the next episode, take a moment to get yourself caught up with where the show was at when it last left off.

First of all, the work that Rick and the community had done to secure Alexandria had become a fruitless effort. The collapse and subsequent takeover of the community have left the characters of the community, as well as the core group, in major peril.

Maggie is stuck in the air with nowhere to go but down, right into the mouths of hungry walkers. Rick, Jessie, and the boys had taken to a home, and they came up with a plan to get themselves out.

Carol and Morgan finally had it out in a confrontation that led to the eventual release of the Wolves’ guy. That man did not only secure his release from their confinement, but he also dragged the doctor out with him, leaving her exposed and potentially a walker-to-be.

Rick and Jessie decide to make a break for it the same way he did back in Season 1, by disguising himself in the blood and guts of other walkers. As fans of The Walking Dead already know, disguising themselves has been somewhat of an art form for Rick, Carol, and Michonne. They have all been creative with finding ways to travel amongst the walking dead. Of course, Michonne’s style of has been the most unique to date.

The real hangup in Rick’s situation is when Jessie’s son decides he needs his mommy, which has put them all in mortal danger in the middle of a crowd of hungry walkers.

This is the part of the article where we warn you that there are a few spoilers for The Walking Dead Episode 9 that lie ahead, and if you do not want certain details, you may want to stop reading.

For those of you that are still reading, then the first details are what AMC has released on the front end – the synopsis for Episode 9.

“While trying to escape Alexandria, Rick and his group meet trouble when sudden noise draws walkers towards them with what could be fatal consequences,” the synopsis from the AMC website reads.

Fans of The Walking Dead can quickly break that down and know that the synopsis is referring to what is about to happen to Jessie, Rick, and the boys. Even though there has been a picture leaked on the Internet with Carl Grimes wearing an eye patch, fans should not jump to conclusions that they have read from the comic books.

Michael Ausiello from TV Line reports that the episode is going to open up directly on “the most intense montage ever.” He also reports that the leadership for the community is going to experience a transition in terms of who is going to be the hero. That includes two people that most Walking Dead fans would not expect to see in that role.

[Image via AMC]