Chris Soules Reveals Valentine’s Day Plans: Does He Want Ben Higgins’ Girl?

Chris Soules already had his own stint on The Bachelor, and despite trying to make Iowa very appealing, most of the girls realized that they couldn’t live in the small town of Arlington, Iowa. However, Soules managed to propose to Whitney Bischoff, who seemed eager to make it work. But within months, they had called off their engagement. Now, Soules is getting ready to find love again, and according to a new tweet, Chris Soules already has plans for Valentine’s Day.

Apparently, Chris has been busy creating his own collection of chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Since he is a single Bachelor star, many single women may want to buy the chocolates in hopes of winning the big prize — a Skype call from Soules himself.

“If you haven’t checked out my Heart & Soules chocolate collection. Only a few days left to win a Skype call,” he revealed on Twitter, sharing that his chocolates are called #HeartAndSoulesCollection.

But Soules didn’t share whether that call would actually be on Valentine’s Day or if he has special plans with a special lady. Chris is often tweeting about his life on the farm, including hanging out with his family members and his nieces. And some of his followers are eager to take him on a date. Despite the many offers from eligible bachelorettes, Soules decided to watch this season of The Bachelor, where his ex-girlfriend Becca Tilley returned.

Of course, Becca was the one who was sent home right before the proposal. Many speculated that Becca was indeed the one that Chris Soules wanted to propose to, but when she hesitated, he changed his mind. Viewers felt a connection between them, but she wasn’t as willing to move to Iowa to try things out. Now, she’s trying to win over Ben Higgins, and Soules feels the situation is a bit weird.

“It’s a little weird watching ur ex date one of ur buddies, but there’s a 1st time 4 everything! I wish them the best,” Chris Soules revealed while watching Becca Tilley return to The Bachelor in hopes of winning Ben Higgins’ heart.

But just days earlier, Soules had revealed that he himself had moved on from the experience. He revealed that he was indeed back on the market and looking for love. So, he can’t blame Becca for moving on.

“Yep. I’m looking for love again,” Chris revealed on Twitter after being asked if he was on the market and ready to date again.

And maybe he already has a woman in mind. Apparently, Chris Soules thinks that Leah Block is quite hot, and he’s hoping that Ben will send her home soon so he can have a chance with her. This news surfaced when he was asked about Ben’s potential outcome on The Bachelor, according to Yibada.

“Leah I think is more personal for me – because she’s hot,” Soules explained to Wetpaint Entertainment as reported by Yibada, adding that he thinks that there is a 75 percent chance of JoJo Fletcher winning the competition, with Lauren Bushnell as a runner-up.

Soules shared a chart with his predictions. While Leah ignored the comments about him wanting to meet her, she jokingly adding, “So there’s still a chance…”

But Soules can comfortably move on, as his ex Whitney Bischoff has already found love again. She’s very secretive about her new love, but it sounds like she’s happy and has left The Bachelor behind. She hasn’t said much about their failed engagement and will probably keep those things to herself.

Do you think Chris Soules should pursue Ben Higgins’ ex-girlfriend once she’s off the show?

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