Photographer Seeking Mysterious Military Couple Captured In Stunning Engagement Photos [Video]

IQ is a huge fan of candid kissing photographs. A stunning photograph of a couple kissing after what seemed to be a successful proposal on the part of the serviceman featured in the photo is making media rounds today, as the serendipitous photobug that captured the moment attempts to reach out to the mystery couple, who do not know that the photo exists.

Teacher and self-described “soccer mom” Angila Golik was strolling through the National Mall on the evening of July 2nd, when she noticed a couple getting engaged at the D.C. War Memorial in West Potomac Park, reports NY Daily. According to Golik, the incident “touched [her] heart” so much that she has mounted a search for the mystery couple so that she can give them the candid, intimate photographs documenting their engagement.

The mystery serviceman pulled out a ring under the brightly lit monument dome, slid it onto the finger of his female companion who was wearing a black and white dress, and the two kissed. “He kissed her and her entire body went limp,” wrote Golik on the YouTube video featuring the photos.”It was a moment of pure beauty and I could feel the love.”

According to the Huffington Post, Golik was visiting D.C. from Carson, Nevada for an education conference when she went sight-seeing, eventually stumbling upon the anonymous couple.


“For all the hopeless romantics out there….Here’s a cool one for ya. As we had just finished our visit of the MLK, Jr. memorial, we were walking towards the Washington Monument when at the War Memorial we see two people standing in the middle….the man pulls out a ring and proposes to the lady….then grabs her face and kisses her. He is dressed in Air Force Uniform. She said yes. I snapped a couple pictures from a distace. It was just too sweet! We don’t know why he chose there to propose, but our guess is he is either a Veteran of the Iraqi or Afghanistan War or is getting ready to leave on tour. Whatever the reason, it was such a great moment to witness! A highlight of my trip. Please help me…SHARE THESE PHOTOS SO MAYBE I CAN FIND THIS COUPLE AND GIVE THEM THEIR PICTURES!” said Golik on her Facebook page.

If, by a long shot, you know the couple in the photo, you can contact Golik via the link above.

Here’s Golik’s YouTube video featuring the photos: