‘Ghostbusters’ Is Coming To LEGO

LEGO has unveiled its new set of movie-inspired playing pieces. Ghostbusters is coming, with the new female ensemble being the main focus. There is only one male character in the reboot of the popular 1980s movie.

LEGO Has Released A New 'Ghostbusters' Set
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The new LEGO set includes the famous ECTO-1 and ECTO-2 vehicles, along with the five main characters. Four of them are female, featuring the looks of Melissa McCarthy’s Abby Yates, Kristen Wiig’s Erin Gilbert, Kate McKinnon’s Jillian Holtzmann and Leslie Jones’ Patty Tolan. The four make up the main Ghostbusters crew; a move that many fans have praised the production team for making.

The only male character is Kevin, played by Thor star Chris Hemsworth. His LEGO piece has a two-sided head, which shows his regular and possessed look, according to Entertainment Weekly. There is a sixth figure in the reboot movie, known as Daemon. Very little has been shared about this character, but LEGO has included him as part of the Ghostbusters set. He is a little red devil-like creature with wings.

LEGO’s new set comes with all extra accessories that Ghostbuster fans will remember. There are four proton packs and various other little gadgets included. The best thing about this new set is the fact that ECTO-1’s back opens, offering space to place all the accessories inside. The doors also open, so the four women can get inside and travel to their next location. Yes, even the wheels roll—common for LEGO sets—so it really is a toy for the children to play with on a daily basis. LEGO has said that the whole set will sell at just short of $60.

For Ghostbusters fans, Gamezone reports that the new Ghostbusters reboot will premiere on July 15 this year. LEGO is not the only company offering a range of merchandise to go with the movie. Sony already has plans to create a video game to run with it, allowing fans to control their characters. The game should be available for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There is no specification stating that the video game will feature the four new females, but it is highly speculated considering the timing.

Fans Not Happy About New LEGO 'Ghostbusters' Characters
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This is not the first time that LEGO has released a Ghostbusters set as of late. LEGO Dimensions released a video game based on the original cast members. Gamers are able to take the original four up the hotel to face against Gozer and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

While there are some people praising the decision to have an all-female lead cast, original Ghostbusters fans are understandably annoyed. The whole premise was following four weird-guys saving the world from ghosts. This new female cast could take out the geek-appeal that the original had, as it brings in a completely different audience. Some fans have even complained that the producers could not even keep the original ECTO-1 car to help bring in the original audience.

The release of the new LEGO set has also been hit with mixed emotions. People have already started judging the film based on the all-female cast and reboot decision (rather than sequel status sometime in the future), and have decided that they will not buy the new set. Others are waiting for the new movie to be released before they decide to spend money on the set.

There have also been arguments that LEGO is fat-shaming, as it makes McCartney’s character much smaller than she really is. While the directors may have been progressive, the toy company seems to be stuck with the same body shapes for all pieces. LEGO has not yet defended its decision for making all the characters the same shape and size, but it could be that it was just to make manufacturing the toy easier.

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