‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hayden Barnes Becomes Mrs. Cassadine, But Who Exactly Is Rachel?

Hayden Barnes has just become Mrs. Cassadine as she and Nikolas ran off to Vegas for a quickie wedding. It was not your typical General Hospital wedding and certainly not one that is fit for a prince, but they are now husband and wife. There is one hitch though. Hayden is not who she claims to be. Her real name is actually Rachel, but who is she really?

Ever since Hayden came to Port Charles posing as Jason’s wife, General Hospital fans have been speculating on what her game really is and if she is connected to someone in Port Charles. Right now she is in cahoots with Tracy Quartermaine to get ELQ back. Tracy did some digging and got the goods on Hayden’s past. She then called Hayden by her real name of Rachel and is using that to blackmail her. If Tracy could find that info, Nik could easily do the same and it looks like he is going to do just that.

Even though Nik and Hayden have feelings for each other, they still don’t trust each other. Plus, right after they got hitched at the wedding chapel, a man by the name of Baxter Corbin recognized Hayden and called her Rachel. For longtime viewers of General Hospital, you may recall that Corbin is the last name of Sonny’s dad, Mike Corbin. He was also a heavy gambler and since this Baxter was in Las Vegas, it really makes you wonder if this could all be related somehow.

Hayden told Nik it was all a case of mistaken identity, but then told the guy that she isn’t who he thinks she is and not to tell anyone that he had seen her. However, he later made a phone call to someone to let them know that he ran into this Rachel. It sounds like fans will find out soon just what Hayden’s backstory is.

Who is Hayden/Rachel? (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)
Who is Hayden/Rachel? [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]
Who could Rachel be? Many General Hospital fans have speculated that she could be somehow related to Emily Quartermaine, the love of Nik’s life who died years ago. A twin sister was mentioned on social media, but that story line has been done before. Another scenario was that this Rachel could be another long lost sister to Emily. That scenario is probably a long shot, and it looks like the writers may be going in a completely different direction with Hayden. She could be totally unrelated to the late Mrs. Cassadine.

Another theory that Celebrity Dirty Laundry put out is that this “Who is Rachel” story line could be tied into the return of Michael Easton to General Hospital. He could be that person who Baxter Corbin was talking with on the phone.

Apparently, the person that Baxter Corbin told that he saw Rachel in Vegas goes by the name of J Dover. Is it a coincidence that this whole thing was revealed at the same time that Michael Easton is coming back to GH? Does Hayden have ties to the character that the actor will be stepping into?

There are so many speculations going around about who Rachel really is and why she came to Port Charles in the first place. Actress Rebecca Budig has signed a four-year contract with the soap, so she will be sticking around for a while and most General Hospital fans are happy about that. The pairing between her character and Nikolas Cassadine has been interesting to say the least.

Will Nik find out who his wife really is? (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DATG)
Will Nik find out who his wife really is? [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for DATG]
Is Hayden trying to get away from her past excursions? What has she done that she felt like she had to run away? Whatever it is, her new husband is now suspicious and as General Hospital spoilers indicate, he will be searching the internet for some possible info on his bride. It is very likely that he will end up figuring out who his new wife really is during February sweeps.

Who do you think Rachel will turn out to be? Does she have connections to anyone in Port Charles?

Sound off your thoughts on what you think will happen this month on General Hospital.

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