‘Black Ops 3’ Smart Marketing, Big Names, And Meeting The Demands Of Loyal Fans

For those Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 fans who might have let their guard down over the weekend, perhaps even replacing it with the Super Bowl, will either be disappointed or just in time to take advantage of the Double Weapon XP weekend, which official ends Monday, February 8, at 10 a.m. PST.

Likely the reason for the bonuses is due to the release of the first Black Ops 3 expansion pack, “Awakening,” which was released in the beginning of February.

The Black Ops 3 expansion was first offered through PS4 consoles and will eventually push through to Xbox One and personal computers as well.

This is the second time since the release of Black Ops 3 last November that the game company has offered players this opportunity, which as the game site Attack Of The Fanboy puts it, “Weapon XP allows players to level up their weapons, unlocking new attachments that can often mean the difference between victory and defeat.”

For those who are not familiar with this new release, let Peter Stormare give you the low-down on what the Black Ops 3 expansion is.

Back in late January, the Inquisitr reported on the then upcoming Downloadable Content (DLC) expansion, which is the first of a series of four DLC packs which will be released throughout the year.

To date, the Black Ops series has reportedly been a constant success, as was anticipated when news of the latest Call Of Duty game was also covered last year by the Inquisitr.

During that time, Black Ops 3 was one of the many titles scheduled in time for the holidays, but like many console games of today, the ability to offer additional features with future scheduled releases is no doubt, part of the game’s success.

Black Ops 3 Call of Duty game logo
Black ops 3 logo for walk through YouTube video. [image screenshot by YouTube]

The write up by the Inquisitr also includes a clever marketing gimmick of using another high-caliber actor, which reportedly did well to bring more would-be-gamers who were on the fence, to the Black Ops 3 franchise.

Neros Cinema took the weekend to put together a video with news around what the developer, Treyarch, is planning to do — or has already done — with regards to weapons such as the overpowered Vesper in Black Ops 3, and tweeted it out during the Super Bowl.

As it was briefly mentioned, Black Ops 3‘s DLC expansion is only available to PS4 for 30 days before other consoles get it. This is because of a special contract made between Activision and Sony for the exclusivity.

Black Ops 3 has been touted as one of the hottest selling games the company has ever had, and Venture Beat goes even further to quote the studio head over how they’re attempting to hold onto their fans by providing some nostalgia.

“Treyarch’s commitment to our fans with Awakening, and all season long, is to keep delivering you the goods,” said Mark Lamia, Treyarch’s Studio Head, in a statement. “Great times lay ahead for players of Black Ops III, with both finely crafted new maps and reimagined multiplayer classics. And for Zombies fans … your commitment to us pays off all season long, starting with Der Eisendrache.”

Der Eisendrache is German for “The Iron Dragon,” which is the first of the mentioned series of Zombies games.

Black Ops 3 studio head Mark Lamia
Black Ops studio head Mark Lamia is going over a match in 2011. [By Major Nelson [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons]

Treyarch is one of three studios that work on the Call of Duty franchise for publisher Activision. Treyarch developed the Black Ops series, which concludes with Black Ops 3.

[Featured image by Marco Verch via Flickr / CC BY 2.0]

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