‘The Bachelor’ Week 6 Shocker: Olivia Gets Second Chance In Bahamas, Will Ben Regret His Decision?

The Bachelor fans were left with the dreaded “to be continued” message last week and are anxious to find out if Ben Higgins will send Olivia Caridi home at the rose ceremony before heading to the Bahamas for the next round of dates.

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for the current season of The Bachelor.]

Last week’s rose ceremony will continue into Episode 6 on Monday, February 8, and all eyes will be on Olivia. Ben stopped the rose ceremony to talk to the 23-year-old news anchor about their relationship and the ongoing issues with the other girls in the house. Is she really there for Ben or was Chris Harrison right when he told Yahoo! that she may have joined the show for publicity, not love?

Here’s what to expect on Monday night, including the Olivia drama, Week 6 eliminations, and the scoop on one girl who unexpectedly gets up and leaves the show before the rose ceremony.

Olivia was pegged as an early front-runner this season after she received Ben’s first impression rose. Although he seemed to have a good connection with her early-on, once some of the girls started to open up to Ben about her antics, he started to question her intentions.

Although viewers were left hanging last week and many expect Ben to send Olivia home, that doesn’t happen. Instead he eliminates Jen Saviano and decides to give Olivia another shot. There’s no doubt that the other girls were completely shocked when Ben made the decision to keep Olivia, one that he will come to regret when the Week 6 dates get underway.

Nine girls travel to the Bahamas with Ben and in his People blog he states that Week 6 will be “the most dramatic and possibly most difficult of any week” this season.

“I don’t think you’ll be expecting what happens next,” Ben writes. “What happens next week really rocked me to the core and, frankly, made me question everything.”

With a group date, a one-on-one, and a two-on-one date, fans can expect to see Ben finally make some difficult decisions that will result in a drama-filled episode.

ABC’s preview show six girls (Lauren B., Becca, Amanda, Lauren H., Leah and JoJo) on a group date with Ben (video below) and, yes, they swim with pigs.

Spoilers indicate Amanda gets the group date rose, getting her one step closer to some very important dates that are coming up including a trip to Ben’s hometown in Indiana, the hometown dates, and the overnights.

According to Reality Steve, Caila gets the one-one-one this week, her second one this season. Apparently it goes well and Caila gets a rose. However, things don’t go quite as well on Ben’s two-on-one date.

The two-on-one is never a popular date, one that almost always ends with overly-dramatic crying. Fans will be buzzing about Ben’s date with Olivia and Emily on Monday night when he finally decides to put an end to his quasi-relationship with Olivia. He sends her home and gives the rose to Emily.

Fans will have to tune in to watch the episode on Monday night to find out exactly what happens when Olivia is rejected. However, there have been hints on ABC‘s previews that the 23-year-old news anchor will be shocked and extremely upset that she isn’t going to be the future Mrs. Higgins.

Once the dates are over, there’s more drama in store right before the cocktail party begins. Spoilers indicate that Leah Block will tell Ben she’s leaving the show. This won’t come as a big shock to fans because Leah didn’t get a lot of air time, but it upsets Ben enough that he cancels the party and heads straight to the rose ceremony.

With Olivia and Leah gone, Ben will eliminate one girl at the rose ceremony: Lauren Himle. Six contestants remain: Caila, Amanda, Lauren B., JoJo, Emily, and Becca.

The cast and crew will head to Ben’s hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, on Week 7 (February 15). Two more girls will be eliminated before hometown dates.

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