'Making A Murderer' Disgraced Prosecutor Ken Kratz Reveals He Is The Target Of Rape And Death Threats

There is little doubt that Ken Kratz's life changed following the release of Netflix's hit docuseries, Making A Murderer. While many people perceived Kratz as the villain in Steven Avery's conviction for Teresa Halbach's murder, some of Avery's more ardent supporters have sent death threats to Kratz in the wake of the documentary.

In an interview with Radar Online, Kratz explained how there is a dichotomy in his mind between those who believe Avery is innocent and those who just want to slander his name for putting Avery behind bars.

"Those individuals, who haven't viewed all the evidence, are 'justifiably' upset," Kratz stated. "These individuals are just expressing their frustration. Those I see as legitimate."

However, Kratz was less forgiving for those people who have gone out of their way and attacked him on a personal level. In fact, Kratz described these attacks as "public shaming," adding that the aggressors feel a need to "impose some sort of consequence" in order to right a wrong.

"Some say, 'I hope your daughter gets raped in front of you.' There are some very hateful messages not directed at me, but made to cause me pain," Kratz revealed. "My daughter-in-law has been getting Facebook messages that are very upsetting to her. Now she's being targeted by people saying, 'Not only do I think your father-in-law's a piece of s***, but I hope this and that happens to you just because you're a family member.' It's really troubling."

Kratz went on to reveal that he has been the recipient of prank calls and has even received a few packages at his practice, Kratz Law Firm. One of the packages, which was later revealed to be a glitter bomb, exploded upon opening. Fortunately, no one was injured in the attack.

Steven Avery [Image via Netflix]
Steven Avery [Image via Netflix]Despite all of the threats and negative publicity, Forbes is reporting that Kratz has used the opportunity as a way to promote his own practice. In fact, Kratz, who resigned as district attorney following a sexting scandal with a victim of domestic violence, has gone on several different primetime talk shows to discuss his understanding of the case.

More recently, Kratz sat down with comedian Jena Friedman, who didn't pull any punches in her interview with the former prosecutor. During their talk, Friedman took jabs at Kratz on just about every issue that has been raised in recent months. For his part, Kratz played along with everything Friedman threw at him, which resulted in a rather bizarre interview.

Meanwhile, Kratz's days as a district attorney may be over, but that doesn't mean he has stopped practicing law. During his interview with Friedman, Kratz ironically revealed how he is now on the other side of the fence practicing as a defense attorney.

Brendan Dassey [Image via Netflix]
Brendan Dassey [Image via Netflix]That being said, it isn't clear how well Kratz's defense practice is performing, especially after the fallout from Making A Murderer. If his website is any indication, Kratz's practice has definitely seen better days.

According the Observer, Kratz's website looks as though he hired an amateur to build it. Not only is his profile picture not very becoming, but the color scheme and logo of his practice make the website hard to look at. The font sizes, layout, background picture, and links are so poorly designed that it is hard to navigate the site or tell where the links lead. Kratz might be better served by using some of his newfound fame to make a better website.

Fans of Making A Murder have likely not heard about what happened to Kratz, who continues to defend his actions in the case against Avery.

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[Image via Netflix]