‘Making A Murderer’ Disgraced Prosecutor Ken Kratz Reveals Even More Evidence Left Out Of The Documentary

By now, most people have seen or heard about Netflix’s hit show, Making A Murderer, and the prosecuting attorney, Ken Kratz, who stands by his belief that Steven Avery did, in fact, viciously murder Teresa Halbach. Kratz has already appeared on various shows, and interviews claiming the shows filmmakers, Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos, left out damning evidence against Steven Avery, and now he is claiming that even more evidence was left out the documentary.

Ken Kratz, according to the Independent, alleges that the vile of Avery’s blood that the defense claimed was tampered with by members of the Manitowoc County Police Department was actually tampered with by a nurse.

In a recent documentary by Investigation Discovery featuring Kratz and defense attorney Jerry Buting, called Steven Avery: Guilty or Innocent?, Kratz talks about the blood vial, stating, “How do you think the blood got in there? The blood gets in there by putting a hole in it. There’s a nurse that was interviewed and said, ‘I’m the one who put the hole in there.’ ”

Ken Kratz [Image via Netflix]
Ken Kratz [Image via Netflix]
Kratz continued on discussing Avery’s accomplice and nephew Brendan Dassey, and his confession tape where many Making a Murderer viewers watched as the young kid was seemingly coerced into saying certain things by the police. NME states that according to Kratz, the mystery behind why Halbach’s blood was found in the trunk of the car was explained by Dassey’s confession.

“We find later when Brendan Dassey is interviewed that he and Uncle Steven, after she was shot in the garage, they, in his words, threw her in the back of the SUV while deciding how to dispose of her body,” Kratz alleges. “They originally had planned on placing the body in the pond, [but then] believing there wasn’t enough water in the pond, Steven Avery carried out the plan to burn her.”

Brendan Dassey [Image via Netflix]
Brendan Dassey [Image via Netflix]
Ken Kratz, reports the Mirror, continued on in the ID documentary to claim that Steven Avery didn’t just murder Teresa Halbach randomly but, in fact, targeted her directly. Some claim, though no evidence can prove it, that Teresa had been on Avery’s property before taking pictures for Auto Trader Magazine, and that Avery had previously invited Halbach into his trailer.

The Mirror claims that according to one of Halbach’s friends, Tom Pearce, one time when Halbach was on Avery’s property he was wearing only a towel. Kratz added to that statement claiming that Halbach had told Pearce that Avery was creeping her out.

Kratz backs up his claim that Teresa was targeted by saying that Avery used the *67 when calling Halbach to hide his phone number before they met, yet doesn’t use the *67 feature when calling her that evening. According to Kratz, Avery had a reason for doing so.

Steven Avery [Image via Netflix]
Steven Avery [Image via Netflix]
“Importantly, he doesn’t use the *67 feature [for the later call]. He doesn’t have to. Teresa’s never going to answer the phone,” alleges Kratz. “But he’s setting up, in my opinion, an alibi. And his first defense is going to be, ‘She never showed up.’ ”

However, Avery’s defense attorney, Jerry Buting, denounces the claims Kratz makes. “She was the only photographer for Auto Trader in that whole area of the state. So he doesn’t say, ‘Send Teresa Halbach.’ He says, ‘Well, you know, send that woman that you had out here to take pictures again.’ ”

Buting also argues against Kratz’s blood vial claim. “The problem with Kratz’s theory is there were no fingerprints of Steven’s at all on the hood latch, on the hood itself, on the grill — so how does he get his DNA on the hood latch but not his fingerprints? If he has gloves on, then how is he going to get his DNA on it?”

The ID documentary host, Keith Morrison, also appears on the show, giving a disturbing thought, “there are stories of double jeopardy and then there is the strange and controversial case of Steven Avery, is it possible for a man to be wrongly jailed not once but twice or has justice finally been served?”

Steven Avery: Innocent or Guilty? is currently airing on Investigation Discovery.

Tell us! Do you believe Ken Kratz and his claims that Making a Murderer left out key evidence? Let us know in the comments and check out Kratz explain his claims in the video below.

[Image via Netflix]

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