Super Bowl 50 — Beyoncé To Make A Pregnancy Announcement During Halftime Show?

Beyoncé may be doing more than offering fans an exciting performance during Super Bowl 50’s halftime show. In light of the reports that Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been trying to have another child, Beyoncé might break the big news that she is pregnant during the event.

This wouldn’t be the first time Beyoncé made such an announcement on stage. According to International Business Times, Beyoncé announced her first pregnancy during the 2011 Video Music Awards when she rubbed her belly as a sign that she was expecting. Does this mean that she’ll do it again come Sunday?

While the pregnancy has yet to be confirmed, a source told Hollywood Life that Beyoncé has displayed a few signs that indicate a pregnancy. “Beyoncé is giving every indication that she really is pregnant,” the source shared. “In recent months she has bulked up her security team to keep her protected. It really is quite an intimidating sight to see, something is going on with her for sure.”

Beyonce reunited with Destiny's child when she headlined the Super Bowl half time show in 2013. [Image via CBS]
Beyonce reunited with Destiny's child when she headlined the Super Bowl half time show in 2013. [Image via CBS]

While the “Drunk in Love” singer is currently rehearsing for the halftime show in California, the insider went on to reveal that Beyoncé has acted like she is pregnant. This includes her instructing the cameras where to shoot and acting suspicious during rehearsals, which is not typical behavior for the star.

“Beyoncé has been telling cameras where to shoot her specifically, she has been very careful moving around on stage and she has been snacking throughout rehearsals more than expected,” the source revealed to the outlet.

At this point, it isn’t clear if Beyoncé will make the big announcement at the Super Bowl 50 halftime show. However, the source added that she hasn’t denied any of the rumors so far, which means that it is possible. After all, there is hardly a bigger stage to do it on than the halftime show at the Super Bowl.

“She hasn’t told anyone whether she is or not but she also hasn’t denied it or debunked it to the crew. Plus there hasn’t been any reveal that she is going to rub her stomach or tell people she is pregnant during the show.”

Although neither Jay-Z nor Beyoncé have addressed the rumors about a new baby, Filmibeat is reporting that the two have been trying to have another kid for quite some time now. The two currently have a daughter together, Blue Ivy, and apparently want her to have another sibling to add to their growing family.

“They want to give Blue a sibling and not too far apart in age. She’s been trying to lighten her load a little, so if it happens she’s prepared work-wise,” an insider shared with Us Magazine.

If Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been trying to produce another child then there is a chance that Beyoncé is now pregnant. Given her recent actions in beefing up security and her behavior during halftime rehearsals, fans might want to pay extra attention when Beyoncé hits the stage this Sunday.

Beyoncé made her first pregnancy announcement at the MTV video music awards. [Image via MTV]

That being said, exactly how Beyoncé chooses to make the announcement is anyone’s guess. She may very well choose to do a repeat performance and rub her belly as an indication of her pregnancy. On the other, perhaps she has something more elaborate planned for her second baby. Either way, fans are definitely in for a show come halftime.

It should be noted that neither Beyoncé nor Jay-Z have released anything official about a new child. At the same time, Beyoncé will be sharing the stage with Coldplay.

Fans can watch and find out if Beyoncé makes a major announcement when Super Bowl 50 hits the air January 7 on CBS.

Tell us! Do you think Beyoncé could make her major announcement at Super Bowl 50? Let us know in the comments and watch her first pregnancy announcement below.

[Image via CBS]