Harry Styles Responds To Kendall Jenner Sex Ban With Kendrick Lamar Tweet?

Has Harry Styles developed a habit of tweeting lyrics designed to infuriate his exes?

On Harry’s 22nd birthday the internet went nuts after the curly-haired hunk tweeted a lyric from ex Taylor Swift’s song “22.”

TMZ wrote that Styles was probably “trolling” ex Taylor when he sent the tweet. The New Zealand Herald reported that the tweet was meant to taunt Harry’s exes Taylor and Kendall Jenner, who were both keen to lock the heartthrob down as their boyfriend.

Soon after Harry’s birthday, Hollywood Life reported that Kendall had issued a sex ultimatum, telling Harry that she won’t sleep with him until he shows he can commit to her. Hollywood Life opined that this move could easily backfire on Kendall, writing “withholding sex is a major ultimatum…if Harry doesn’t want to commit, not having sex could just mean he’s outta there!”

The mag even ended their report with a cheeky taunt directed at Harry himself: “None for you Harry, sorry.”

Damn! She not only wears a tiny bikini for LOVE, but spreads her legs in bed! None for you Harry, sorry.

While the chick-pulling 1D heartthrob may not be losing too much sleep over it, Kendall (who is reportedly very keen on Harry) may well be.

It is not known why Kendall chose to go public with this, or indeed, whether it was her decision to make it public. The brunette beauty should really reconsider her friendship with this “source” person, who has probably just made an awkward matter worse. It is likely that hunky Harry Styles will now withdraw from her in order to save face in an embarrassing situation.

He may already be doing just that. Today, Harry took to Twitter to state the following:

People soon figured out that this was a G-rated take on a Kendrick Lamar lyric.

Is Harry hinting that Kendall is “killing his vibe?”

An analysis of the lyrics of the Kendrick Lamar song reveals some interesting parallels. Early in the song Lamar sings that he is “a sinner who is probably going to sin again.” Harry may relate to this, as a flirty bedhopper and lover of the opposite sex, who has upset some of the people he hooked up with.

I am a sinner who’s probably gonna sin again
Lord forgive me, Lord forgive me
Things I don’t understand
Sometimes I need to be alone

There is also a reference in the song to hangers-on, and to people who use you to try to become famous. This is something Harry Styles, who is a member of the world’s biggest band, can surely relate to.

I can feel the changes
I can feel the new people around me just want to be famous

The line about “changes” might resonate with Harry because he is transitioning to a solo career. It may also refer more broadly to changes in society and changes in the music industry, which Harry probably feels acutely.

The lyrics to the Kendrick Lamar song continue with a reflection about how sometimes you can feel someone’s “energy” even though they are far away:

I can feel your energy from two planets away
I got my drink, I got my music
I would share it but today I’m yelling
B***h don’t kill my vibe, b***h don’t kill my vibe

Did Harry identify with this because Kendall’s sex ban ruined an otherwise good day for him? Perhaps the curly-haired crooner was relaxing on the the other side of the world with a stiff drink when the Hollywood Life news hit him like a blunt instrument.

Harry seems to be suggesting (through Kendrick Lamar) that he would be happy to relax and chill out with Kendall, but if she continues to pressure him he will pull away.

Another fascinating twist came to light on Twitter. It seems that just under two years ago, Twitter user “kayla and hannah” encouraged Harry Styles to tweet a Kendrick Lamar lyric.

An investigation of the “kayla and hannah” account reveals that Harry Styles actually follows them! Could the hearththrob have seen the fans’ tweet and responded to their wish?

What could Harry be planning now that Kendall has issued her ultimatum? If we follow the Kendrick Lamar lyric analysis to its logical conclusion, it seems Harry may be planning to ask one of Kendall’s friends out on a date, and to treat her so well that the beautiful Jenner sister will be seeing red.

I’ll take your girlfriend and put that p****y on a pedestal
B***h don’t kill my vibe, b***h don’t kill my vibe

If this is indeed what Harry is planning, he has a good crop to choose from — Kendall counts supermodels Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne, as well as Hailey Baldwin and Taylor Swift among her friends.

Of course, it’s also possible that the hunk simply spent the morning at the beach in LA and sent the tweet because he was lamenting the fact that his Saint Laurent Hawaiian shirt was caked with sand. It definitely seems very out of character for self-professed feminist Harry Styles to refer to anyone with the b-word, but it could also be argued that it was cruel of Kendall — or that “source” close to Kendall — to go public with the sex ultimatum.

Kendall and Harry are said to have a lot of mutual friends in L.A. — perhaps Harry knows who the gossipy source is, and is pitching the b-word at her, not Kendall.

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