At Nine Months Old, Princess Charlotte Has A Lipstick Named For Her

What do you get for the girl who might literally have everything? And what if she is nine months old? Why, lipstick of course. But not just any lipstick, but one named for her by designer Marc Jacobs. They say that the muses of designers are getting younger, but this is ridiculous. The lipstick, called “Charlotte,” is a “deep rose-pink shade” exclusive to Harrods, of course.

According to WWD, Marc Jacobs Beauty put out “Charlotte” as part of the Le Marc lip creme collection, and it is priced at $34 a tube. The shade will be a U.K. exclusive, and Harrods says it is the biggest color cosmetic launch in the store’s history.

“‘We wanted to commemorate this major brand milestone by creating a custom shade of Le Marc lip crème,’ said Catherine Gore, global vice president and general manager of Marc Jacobs Beauty, who added that the shade was ‘inspired by the deepest saturated pink tones of an English rose.’”

And this is not just a beauty counter event, but the celebration had taken over large windows on Brompton Road. The windows will feature the Marc Jacobs line for the whole month of February.

“We have never done color cosmetics in our windows, so the Marc Jacobs team has allowed us to make history,” said Mia Collins, Harrods’ head of beauty.

Us Weekly is reporting that it will be a while before anyone lets Princess Charlotte actually play with her lipstick.

The shade and the name is supposed to be an ode to Great Britain.

Vanity Fair is explaining that American customers won’t have to go all the way to the U.K. to get a tube of Marc Jacob’s “Charlotte,” as they can order it online, and Harrods will ship it to the United States.

Vanity Fair wonders if Prince George wants to know when he will get an endorsement deal of some kind.

Bustle says that Marc Jacobs actually uses Princess Charlotte of Cambridge as his muse and inspiration for the shade “Charlotte.”

“According to Marc Jacobs Beauty global VP and general manager Catherine Gore, the Charlotte lipstick has the ‘deepest saturated pink tones of an English rose.’ The hue is reminiscent of the 9-month-old’s rosy cheeks more than anything, but it also celebrates the beauty brand’s official launch in London. However, if you’re familiar with Charlotte’s family history, her grandmother, the late Princess Diana inspired Elton John to change the lyrics to his song ‘Candle in the Wind’ to ‘Goodbye England’s Rose’ at her funeral in 1997.”

This is not the first lipstick Marc Jacobs named for a muse. Miley Cyrus and Sofia Coppola both have lip colors named for them.

Takepart says that Marc Jacobs has another lesser known muse, transgender director Lana Wachowski

“This season’s ad campaign represents a series of connected events; a visual narrative. It is a personal diary of people who have and continue to inspire me and open my mind to different ways of seeing and thinking,” Marc Jacobs wrote on Instagram.

Wachowski is credited in the Matrix movies as part of the Wachowski Brothers.

Would you like to try a tube of “Charlotte?’

[Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images]