Meek Mill House Arrest: Philly Rapper Lucks Out, Avoids 2-Year Prison Sentence For Probation Violation

Meek Mill headed back to court on Friday in Philadelphia to find out if the judge will be lenient again or if he will be headed back to prison. It turns out that Meek might have been given another break by a Philadelphia judge who opted for house arrest rather than prison. Meek was on the hook for the multiple probation violations stemming from unauthorized travel, mainly for concert appearances and for an unapproved trip to the American Music Awards in November.

Meek's punishment is a sentence of 6 to 12 months in the county jail. He lucked out though and will be able to serve that sentence under house arrest with a minimum punishment of 90 days. While under house arrest, Meek Mill won't be allowed to perform or tour. He will be able to do charitable work and community service, according to TMZ.

Meek is required to turn himself in on March 1 to begin serving his sentence. After he has successfully served for 90 days, Meek will go back to court, and the judge will decide if he is done or if he will be required to spend more time under house arrest.

In December, Common Pleas Court Judge Genece E. Brinkley restricted Meek Mill's travel and required that he stay in Philadelphia until the hearing on February 5. Meek is currently on probation for drug and gun charges from back in 2008, according to Philadelphia Inquirer. Meek claimed the probation violations were accidental and blamed multiple infractions on his "erratic" touring schedule.

Meek was the opening act for his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, during her Pinkprint tour last year. Meek was also scheduled to perform with Nicki in Las Vegas for New Year's Eve, but the judge stopped that by ordering him not to travel after a court date in December. Nicki Minaj stood by Meek despite the ruling that he could not travel. Rather than ignore the judge's orders, Meek hunkered down in Philly, and Nicki visited him when she was able to take breaks from her busy schedule.

There is also the issue of whether or not Meek tried to cheat a drug test. Also back in December, Meek Mill was required to submit a court-ordered urine sample. The rapper made waves when it was discovered he may have turned in an altered test sample. Meek turned in a sample that was clear like water and rather than confess to attempting to cheat the test, both he and Nicki claimed the clear sample was because of a muscle-building supplement he had been using.

In the days leading up to Meek Mill's February 5 court date, many said the rapper looked like he was preparing for a prison stint. TMZ reported that Meek even bought a Rolex worth $68k just days ago from Joe the Jeweler who goes by the name "Shyne."

Many thought Meek might be indulging in a bit of a spending spree before heading off to spend some time behind bars. It turns out that he won't be going back to prison, though, as long as the Philly rapper doesn't violate any more terms set by the judge. Instead, he'll be serving his time for the parole violations under house arrest. The only real downer here for Meek is that he got slapped with six more years of probation.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]