Beyoncé Planning “Dance Battle” For Super Bowl 50 Performance

Beyoncé is planning a pretty serious performance for her Super Bowl 50 halftime show appearance on February 7.

The BeyHive Team took to Twitter on February 4 to reveal that Beyoncé will be throwing down some serious moves when she takes to the Super Bowl stage, alleging that fans can even expect to see a “dance battle” between the star and an unknown opponent.

“EXCLUSIVE: Expect a dance battle between Beyoncé and someone else at Halftime!,” Beyoncé source The BeyHive Team tweeted ahead of the big performance this weekend, adding, “We have Sunday’s tentative setlist, but won’t leak it!”

The reputable Beyoncé source then revealed in a separate tweet that despite her much-anticipated appearance, Beyoncé will likely only be performing one song when she takes to the Super Bowl 50 stage later this week.

“We’ve also learned Beyoncé rehearsed more than one song, but ultimately has settled on one!” the Beyoncé source alleged on the 140-character site, revealing that “Rehearsals have been extremely tough!” for the star and her team.

It was previously revealed that Beyoncé will be performing on the same set as headliners Coldplay and Bruno Mars when Super Bowl 50 rolls around, though Coldplay front-man previously told CBS This Morning that Mars and Beyoncé will likely only take to the stage for around one and a half minutes.

“I loved the whole concept of trying to present your entire musical life in 12-and-a-half minutes,” Martin revealed on the CBS morning show earlier this week, adding that performing the Super Bowl half time show is “a great challenge!”

The “Sky Full Of Stars” singer then revealed that the band have “possibly got 11 good minutes” to perform on the Super Bowl halftime show, hinting, “So we have some special guests and they’ll cover the rest.”

“This may be Beyoncé’s footprint,” Martin then joked to the morning show of Coldplay’s much anticipated Super Bowl guests, “I’d say she was here about four hours ago. Let’s look for a Bruno one.”

The news that Beyoncé will likely only be performing one track when she appears at Super Bowl 50 alongside Coldplay and Bruno Mars comes just hours after another Beyoncé source, Beyoncé Legion, revealed that the superstar will supposedly be performing a new single titled “Formation.”

“We’ve got some exclusive news!” Beyoncé Legion wrote on Facebook on February 4, “Beyoncé is set to perform a new song called ‘Formation’ at the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show. Beyoncé’s bit with Bruno Mars will also be really fun. Get ready!!! [sic].”

The BeyHive Team previously confirmed that Beyoncé does have a new track titled “Formation.” The discovery came after a member of Beyoncé’s team was allegedly spotted carrying a mood board with the track name written on it alongside the titles of a number of the star’s other hits this past August.

“”Formation” CONFIRMED!,” the Twitter account tweeted out on February 1. “In August, this story board, throwing together ideas for the festivals, left out of Parkwood!”

Beyoncé is understandably keeping her big Super Bowl plans under wraps for now, though she has been spotted doing some serious rehearsing for the big show in the past few weeks.

Back in January, Beyoncé was spotted rehearsing for the huge show at a California University, where her team took pretty drastic measures to keep her performance a secret.

According to E! Online, Beyoncé’s team “blocked everything down” while she rehearsed on the University campus last month and the group were so keen to keep the details of her Super Bowl 50 appearance under wraps that Team Beyoncé even blacked out the windows “so nobody could see” exactly what Beyoncé has planned.

Are you excited for Beyoncé, Coldplay and Bruno Mars’ Super Bowl 50 performance?

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for TIDAL]