Juliette Labelle: Prince Harry’s New Love Interest?

Juliette Labelle is Prince Harry’s latest reported love interest. Always eager to dig into royal rumors, the internet is buzzing with everyone trying to find out who Juliette Labelle is, how the two met, and what the future may hold for them. Here’s what we’ve been able to learn about Labelle so far.

Juliette is 22-years-old and lives in Los Angeles, according to E! Online. Labelle reportedly met the man who is fifth-in-line to the throne in L.A. during the New Year’s holiday, and the two spent quite a bit of time together. While the two aren’t officially boyfriend-girlfriend, the prince and Juliette do seem to have become close, with sources saying that he and Labelle have kept in touch since meeting up over the holiday. Labelle worked as a PR assistant for Christian Dior at one time but is currently an aspiring actress.

Stuff cites a source as describing Juliette Labelle as “fun, confident and doesn’t mind showing off how sexy she is. And she has that boho free spirit he likes” as well as “blonde, cool and well-connected.” Juliette was formerly in a relationship with 40-Year-Old Virgin star Jordan Masterson.

Reaction to the relationship between Juliette and the royal son of deceased Princess Diana and Prince Charles has been tepid in the UK, with the Telegraph describing it in this way.

“Prince Harry rumoured to be dating an American PR assistant nearly 10 years his junior.”

There have been rumors that Juliette was left brokenhearted after the New Year’s holiday weekend. Some say Labelle was very serious about Harry, and that she was crushed to learn that he considered what he had with Labelle as merely a fling. It’s also rumored that he is, in fact, engaged to a British woman. There is no evidence of either an engagement or of any of these rumors about Labelle being brokenhearted.

The Telegraph cited Juliette as posting this quote regarding love on her Twitter account, “Unless it’s mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it’s a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life; Love shouldn’t be one of them.”

By the sounds of it, unless Labelle is head over heels with him, there probably won’t be much more to come from this relationship.

Juliette Labelle is just one of many women the royal bachelor has been rumored to have dated since he broke up with former girlfriend Cressida Bonas in 2014 after a two-year relationship. That relationship reportedly ended after the two argued at a friend’s wedding, when Bonas realized that staying in a relationship with the royal would mean that she would never be able to pursue her own ambitions.

Since meeting up with Juliette, the prince has been seen in Instagram photos that show him partying with several blonde, female celebrities, including Sienna Miller and Suki Waterhouse (former girlfriend of Bradley Cooper), so things are apparently not very serious between him and Juliette at this time. There were even rumors of he and Waterhouse hitting it off and of perhaps something developing between them.

Sources described the two in this way, “Everyone was talking about how Suki and Harry seemed particularly close, some even said there was the start of a romance brewing.”

The sources also described Suki in a manner similar to descriptions of Labelle, calling her “bubbly, blonde and posh.”

Prior to Juliette or Bonas, he had a relationship on and off with Chelsy Davy, a former Zimbabwean attorney, that lasted from 2004 to 2011.

Juliette Labelle has denied even knowing Prince Harry, and there are no photos of the two together.

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