WWE Rumors — ‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell To Take On Stardust Again At WrestleMania 32?

Ever since Stephen Amell’s appearance in WWE’s SummerSlam, fans have wondered when the Arrow star would make another appearance in the ring. After all, Amell did manage to come away with a victory in his first ever wrestling match. Now, it appears as though Amell’s rivalry with Stardust might heat back up sooner rather than later.

According to Wrestling Inc, WWE set the stage for an upcoming re-match during the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest that took place in Secaucus, New Jersey last month. WWE showed some footage of Amell and Stardust at the event in order get fans excited about another wrestling match between the two stars.

As fans may recall, Amell was included in last year’s SummerSlam event, where the actor was pitted up against Stardust. According to Flickering Myth, Amell ended up tag teaming with Neville in order to take on the likes of Stardust and King Barrett.

Their feud started when Amell made an appearance on RAW, which subsequently led to a small skirmish with Stardust. The two decided to take their beef to the ring, where Amell managed to come out on top, though his victory was not without a few consequences.

Apparently, Stardust did not take the loss too kindly and has been eyeing a re-match for a long time. Fortunately for fans, the confrontation between Stardust and Amell at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest is a clear indication that the two will be back in the ring soon.

Stephen Amell at Summerslam [Image via WWE] Stephen Amell at ‘SummerSlam’ [Image via WWE]According to iDigital Times, the only question remaining centers on when the epic re-match between Stephen Amell and Stardust will go down. Although some fans thought that the latest Royal Rumble event was the perfect opportunity for the two to settle their scores, it now appears as though the match might take place in a few months’ time.

The next major event for WWE is WrestleMania 32, which is scheduled to take place in April. Is this when Amell and Stardust will return to the ring? Based on the popularity of the event and a few other factors, it is likely that Amell will be making his way to WrestleMania 32.

For starters, it is not uncommon for celebrities to make appearances during WrestleMania, which makes Amell’s presence at the event more than likely. Furthermore, WrestleMania is one of WWE’s main attractions for the year, and what better way to draw in more viewers than the include Amell in the festivities?

The Arrow star had to be held back from Stardust. [Image via WWE] The Arrow star had to be held back from Stardust. [Image via WWE]At the same time, it isn’t known if the re-match will be another tag team fight or if Amell and Stardust will square off against each other alone. While Amell did well with a partner in the ring, a solo operation is a whole different ball game. Whatever the two end up deciding on, fans are definitely in for another great show, especially considering Amell’s experience in the ring.

In fact, Amell already has one match under his belt and plenty of experience fighting in his role as Oliver Queen on Arrow. However, is that enough to guarantee him another victory over Stardust? Will Amell seek out help in order to defeat his new rival?

Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow on Arrow. [Image via The CW] Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow on Arrow. [Image via The CW]At this point, it is too early to tell if Amell has any plans to attend WrestleMania 32. That being said, fans should expect some kind of confirmation in the coming weeks. Considering Amell’s willingness to interact with fans over social media, the official news of a re-match may very well come from Amell himself.

WrestleMania 32 is set to premiere on PPV in April. Until then, fans can only wait and hope that Amell is able to pull out another victory.

Tell us! Do you want Stephen Amell to return to the ring in WrestleMania 32? Let us know in the comments and check out the highlights from his SummerSlam performance below.

[Image via WWE]