‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Shoots Down Rumors Of Oliver Queen’s Death, But Will He Still Appear On ‘Supernatural’? [New Trailer]

The internet is buzzing about a possible hookup between two of CW’s most popular shows, Supernatural and Arrow. Another rumor circulating around the web is that Arrow’s star Stephen Amell will be leaving the show for good after Season 4. And while that notion may be far fetched for some, it did garner a bit of attention around the web recently. Amell did lay it out very blunt and very clear to fans that he wouldn’t be leaving the show until at least 2019, meaning that the hooded vigilante will remain in Starling City for the time being.

Amell took to his Facebook page to shoot down those rumors of him leaving the show saying, “Facebook, I keep reading that I’m leaving Arrow. I’m not.”

And if that wasn’t blunt enough to uproot any and all rumor weeds, he also mentioned his contract running far past 2016, meaning that it is impossible for him to just up and quit the show — unless the series isn’t renewed for a future season, of course.

“I have a contract that runs through 2019. At least.” Amell stated. “Now, that doesn’t mean Arrow will run that long, but if it does, I’ll be here.”

Then he added, “Any other question’s I can answer.” And with that fans of the show can sleep peacefully knowing that “The Arrow” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Fans hope to learn who is in the grave in the flash forward when 'Arrow' returns. [Image via The CW]
Fans hope to learn who is in the grave in the flash forward when ‘Arrow’ returns. [Image via The CW]

Meanwhile, with the start of part two of Arrow right around the corner, Amell also addressed another rumor of him joining the set of Supernatural. And for those hopeful for a uniting between the heroes, Amell didn’t completely shut down the idea of joining the show for a future episode though he did explain that no such events were in his future plans. But even with that said, it isn’t clear whether he will or will not be starring in a guest appearance.

“If [Supernatural producers] asked me, sure? If I was available, sure. Have they asked me? No. Would I be available? No,” Amell said on his Facebook.

However, the Arrow star did recently post an image on Twitter of himself watching the show Supernatural, giving the hint that he is, at least, a fan of the show. Many fans believe that this is Amell’s way of showing his support for a future appearance on Supernatural.

Stephen Amell and Stardust [Image via WWE]
Stephen Amell and Stardust [Image via WWE]

And the Supernatural episode that, according to TVLine, will be featuring Amell? Well, you guessed it, a professional wrestling episode. According to the same article, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester will be chasing something evil, of course, and somehow entering the ring with “Gunner Lawson,” an emotionally struggling wrestling legend, a rookie by the name of “Shawn Harely,” and “Rio,” a wrestling manager.

The actor’s names to play the fictional wrestlers are yet to be released, but Amell already has a head start with his previous experience within the wrestling ring. In August 2015, Amell wrestled in the WWE SummerSlam event, taking on pro wrestlers King Barrett and Stardust. With his fondness of wrestling and his experience, fans hope it’s a no brainer to have Amell star in the upcoming season of Supernatural.

The cast of 'Supernatural.' [Image via The CW]
The cast of ‘Supernatural.’ [Image via The CW]

Supernatural was renewed for an 11th season and premiered on October 7, 2015, to become the longest-running North American science fiction series, surpassing Smallville.

While rumors have been extinguished regarding the death of Arrow, hopes for a run-in between Sam (Padalecki), Dean (Ackles), and Oliver Queen (Amell) for now can only be played out by the imagination of fans and critics alike.

The first episode of the year airs January 20, 2016, with the episode titled “Blood Debts.”

Tell us! Do you think Stephen Amell should play one of the professional wrestlers on Supernatural? Let us know in the comments, and check out the insane new trailer for part two of Season 4 of Arrow.

[Image via The CW]

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