Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth Split? Singer Moves Out Of Actor’s Pad

Has Miley Cyrus’ reunited romance with Liam Hemsworth fizzled out? The singer has already been reported moving out of her fiancé’s mansion.

According to Radar Online, Miley Cyrus, 23, and Liam Hemsworth, 26, are no longer living together. She purchased a $2.5 million mansion in Malibu, California. Interestingly enough, the singer’s new property is just up the road from The Hunger Games star’s home.

Trulia was the source that provided the news and photos of the two-story, four-bedroom/three-and-a-half bath home that perfectly fits Miley’s eclectic style. The house sits at the end of a long “seasonal stream” driveway and sits on 2.06 acres of land that’s perfect for many of the singer’s pets. Inside, the home has a living room/dining room with a cathedral ceiling. One of the bathrooms has double mirrors and double sinks along with a graphic print bathtub and matching shower stall.

The entertainer’s new digs also have stone floors and custom-made accordion glass doors that open up to a large patio that’s perfect for Cyrus and her wild and crazy parties. The greenery-filled backyard will become the ideal setting for her Happy Hippie backyard sessions. There is also an outdoor gazebo Jacuzzi that’s perfect for Cyrus’ naked swimming dates with the Hemsworth hottie.

Meanwhile, the main bedroom suite has a private balcony while the master bedroom is mirrored throughout. One of the bedrooms in the gigantic home has a child’s room, which could be the reason why Miley wanted to purchase the home. Maybe the couple is planning to have kids soon.

Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus
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Last month, Miley Cyrus and her friends were seen driving a U-Haul truck over to Liam Hemsworth’s pad, where she moved in some of her stuff, according to TMZ. Cyrus was also spotted wearing her engagement ring again, which Hemsworth gave her years ago.

While Miley was the one who was seen moving her stuff into Liam’s home, he was the one who wanted them to live together again. A source close the couple told the Hollywood Life that it was more of a matter of safety rather than a romantic decision.

“Miley is moving a bunch of stuff to Liam’s but she is keeping her current spot for the time being as well. She would like to sell it though sooner than later and Liam feels that is a good idea because she would be safer with him anyways. So Miley’s living arrangements are plentiful right now but she intends to be exclusively in Liam’s pad this year even if it takes some time to sell her place.”

It sounds like the “BB Talk” singer still wants to have her own space. Cyrus probably figured that it’s best for her to live closer to Hemsworth, instead of living with him. But it appears that the insider was wrong about Cyrus and Hemsworth living together for a year since it looks like she’ll be moving out sooner. Just last year, Cyrus purchased a $4 million ranch in the San Fernando Valley. She also owns properties in Studio City and Tuluca Lake, according to Vogue Australia.

Other sources close to Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth say that they plan to continue their relationship with a wedding very soon.

“She wants Liam back in her life full time. She’d love for 2016 to be the year they get married. She’s been slowly working toward that for months.”

Miley Cyrus is also hoping to start a family soon. But it may be hard for her since she loves smoking marijuana, as seen on her Instagram page and in her performances. Apparently, she’s very serious as she’s considering stopping her birth control pills.

“Miley and Liam aren’t just back together – they’re seriously planning marriage and a family…Miley wants to start trying to have a baby as soon as they are married, if not before. She’s talking to friends about stopping any form of birth control.”

Now Cyrus’ new property, complete with a child’s room, makes more sense. It’s safe to say that Cyrus and Hemsworth are not breaking up. They are just planning for the major life changes that will come their way.

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