ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Ben Higgins Faces Shockers And Intense Drama In Episode 6

Episode 6 of ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season starring Ben Higgins is coming up on Monday, February 8, and fans are anxious to see what happens in this one. Viewers were left hanging at the end of Episode 5, and there is a lot of drama on the way in this next show. What Bachelor spoilers are available for this one?

Episode 5 ended on a cliffhanger as Ben Higgins pulled Olivia Caridi away for a chat. The other bachelorettes have been frustrated with Olivia, and Ben got an earful before the rose ceremony in this last episode. Olivia already had a rose from the group date, but both fans and some of the remaining ladies were speculating that Higgins might change course and retract Caridi’s rose, sending her home.

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, however, Olivia keeps her rose. This will surely leave the other ladies disappointed and discouraged, and Bachelor spoilers tease more Olivia drama coming later in Episode 6. Just one lady is left without a rose during the rose ceremony, and it seems that will be Jen Saviano.

Ben and the remaining nine ladies will head off to the Bahamas for the next round of dates. ABC confirms that there will be a one-on-one date, a group date and the dreaded two-on-one date. By the time Higgins and his ladies leave the Bahamas, only six bachelorettes will remain.

While ABC is not yet revealing the names of the ladies on each date, surely to keep viewers in suspense regarding Olivia’s fate, Reality Steve’s spoilers do break down the details. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers tease that Caila Quinn gets the individual date in Episode 6.

Ben and Caila are said to go deep sea fishing and Bachelor spoilers detail that she will face some stressful moments as she pushes herself to open up to Higgins. She has been holding back, and it seems that Ben will be left a bit confused about whether she is the right lady for him. Despite that, Reality Steve’s spoilers reveal that Caila will get a rose on the date.

The group date takes Ben and six ladies to a deserted island, setting the stage for what initially looks like a perfect day. However, Bachelor spoilers share that there will be pigs brought into the mix of this date. Apparently, the ladies will need to embrace their wild side and do some swimming with the pigs. Which ladies will embrace this unique opportunity and which ones will hesitate? Reality Steve’s spoilers note that Amanda Stanton will get the group date rose during this outing.

The Bachelor spoilers detail that one lady will experience some intense jealousy during the date, and this leads her to question her relationship with Ben. The preview for Episode 6 teases a lot of tears and drama, and it is hard to know exactly which bachelorette has this jealousy struggle in this episode. Is it Lauren Bushnell, who is shown crying and saying she feels like a fool? Others wonder if it could it be JoJo Fletcher, who is also crying in the preview, or one of the other ladies.

In addition to the jealousy from one lady, Bachelor spoilers detail that during the after party, one lady tries to set aside her nerves to get some attention from Ben, but it seems that it may backfire on her. A supposed frontrunner’s reputation is said to be damaged by this situation and again, this could be part of Lauren B.’s stress shown in the preview. Reality Steve’s spoilers have not addressed the drama on this group date, so viewers will have to tune in to see who is involved.

At some point in this episode, one lady will make a bold move to talk with Ben alone outside of the dates. This happens almost every season, but Bachelor spoilers tease that things may not work out as planned this time around. The network teases that this interaction leads to a shocker for the lady involved and the other bachelorettes, as the way Ben handles it is not what anybody expected. Who is involved in this one?

From the sounds of things, this may refer to Leah Block, though viewers will have to tune in to find out for certain. Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that Leah will go to talk to Ben alone after one of his dates, and she will express frustration over not having had a one-on-one date yet. She may have been looking for some reassurances from Ben, but Bachelor spoilers detail that instead, Higgins sends her home.

Nobody ever gets terribly excited about being on the two-on-one date on this franchise, but this one may be more dramatic than is typical. Viewers watched Emily Ferguson talk to Ben and her sister, Haley, about her dislike for Olivia during Episode 5, so naturally, Emily and Olivia are pegged for this two-on-one date.

ABC’s Bachelor spoilers tease that one lady on this date will be overly confident, and this is surely Olivia, as the other date recipient is described as being sweet and naïve. The trio will head to an island for their date, rain pouring down on them, and Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that some may be shocked by the outcome of this date. It seems that Olivia will finally be eliminated, as Emily gets the rose.

There is said to be no cocktail party in Episode 6, as Bachelor spoilers indicate that Ben decides to cancel it. This will surely leave some of the women stressed and scrambling, as everybody always wants that last chance to talk to Ben. According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, just one lady will be eliminated at the rose ceremony, since at this point both Olivia and Leah will have already been sent home. Apparently, Lauren Himle, is the bachelorette who will be left without a rose.

Episode 7 takes Ben Higgins and the remaining six ladies to his hometown of Warsaw, Indiana, for the next round of dates. Which lady eventually scores Higgins’ final rose? Will Reality Steve’s spoilers for ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season pan out to be correct? Viewers are loving this season, and can’t wait to see how the rest of the Season 20 shows play out.

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