‘Walking Dead’ Season 6 Spoilers: How Will Negan Impact Carl & Rick?

The Walking Dead midseason premiere is next week, and fans are dying to know spoilers about Rick, Carl, the rest of the gang, and especially the character of Negan, whom fans have yet to meet.

According to HNGN, The Walking Dead Season 6’s second half will be completely crazy. The drama will be at an all-time high, and with Negan coming in the season finale, it seems fans will be on edge about which fan favorite character may be dying at his hand.

However, Rick and Carl, who are seemingly safe from death as they’re the central character of the story, won’t be unscathed. Walking Dead spoilers reveal that something will happen to Carl that will completely life changing for him and his father.

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Rick and Carl coming to an impasse? [Image via AMC]When Rick and Carl finally do come face to face with Negan during The Walking Dead‘s coming episodes, it looks like there will be much more than just tension. Actor Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes on the hit AMC zombie series, teased the relationship between himself, Carl, and Negan.

“I’m interested in the relationship between Negan and Carl and Carl and Rick… There’s a very complicated, extraordinary psychology between those characters.”

If The Walking Dead TV series follows the direction of the comic books then [Spoiler alert!] Carl will have his eye shot out, likely in the mid-season premiere, and later he’ll take it upon himself to try and kill Negan. However, Carl will be unsuccessful. Negan, being a complete psychopath, will not punish or kill Carl for the attack, but admire his guts and courage and take the young man under his wing, which could end up being a very dangerous situation. Of course, all of this won’t happen until Season 7 as Negan won’t even be introduced until the Season 6 finale, but fans already know how critical his character is to the storyline of the comics, and likely the show.

In the comic books, Negan is the man who brutally kills fan favorite character, Glenn Rhee, with his weapon of choice, a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire which he has named Lucille. Walking Dead spoilers for the Season 6 finale have leaked and revealed that Negan will kill someone with Lucille, but who? Will fans see Glenn die after already mourning his loss when they thought he had died at the dumpster with Nicholas, or will another character take Glenn’s comic book death?

The Walking Dead spoilers: Big changes coming for Carl. [Image via AMC]The Walking Dead has always maintained the motto that no one is safe from death, even the most beloved of characters. Fans are worried that Glenn may die, and if not Glenn some other favorite character such as Morgan, or shocking Daryl Dixon, who has become arguably the most popular character on the series. Other loved characters include Maggie and Michonne, who could both also find their lives to be in danger for the remainder of the season, which has everyone on edge thinking about who we may lose this season.

Although The Walking Dead has been on air for 6 long seasons, fans are still loving every minute of the zombie drama and can’t wait to see what the future has in store. Since the comic series is still being written it seems that there should be a lot more material, storylines, and shocking moments to come as the series rages on. The characters are still interesting and the zombies are still scary, what’s not to love about this show?

What are your thoughts on the latest Walking Dead Season 6 spoilers? Are you excited to see what Negan has to bring to the show?

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