Wiz Khalifa And Kanye West Are Waving The White Flag To End The Fued

Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West appear to have to come to a resolution with regard to their feud. The recent Twitter war that happened between the two gave the impression that the feud was going to continue for a long time. Khalifa has, however, confirmed that the weapons of war have been placed down, and the white flags are up.

Khalifa and West had the potential to have an epic beef that should have social media buzzing for months, it appears that it was not meant to be. According to TMZ Khalifa made it clear that West first extended the olive branch and he willingly accepted it. Wiz was on Power 105 in NYC with Angie Martinez, he stated that, after a series of phone conversations that started on Monday morning, the two reached an accord.

Angie Martinez was a bit surprised by Wiz Khalifa’s statement and how simply the feud came to an end.

“We spoke. It’s all good,” Wiz Khalifa told Martinez. “He apologized. And I accepted his apology.”

“Wow! That’s good of you,” said Angie Martinez.

Kanye West was the first to inform the public that the feud was coming to an end, when he posted on twitter that he and Wiz spoke and it was a positive outcome.


The peak of the feud came last week when Wiz Khalifa made a statement regarding Kanye naming his album Waves. Wiz wanted to the public to know who started the wave moment and did not want West to take the wave. The irony of the situation is while Wiz is defending Max B, Max B considers this an honor to have West name his albums Waves, making the start of this war pointless.


It then took another turn when Wiz had “KK” in one of his tweet and West took it to be a jab at this wife Kim Kardashian, Wiz was however referring to a strain of weed, Khalifa Kush.


The feud continued with West mentioning Khalifa’s son and their mutual ex Amber Rose. West was taking jabs at Wiz stating that he allowed an stripper to trap him and every time he looks at this son, he will be reminded of that for 18 years.

Kim and Amber has had an on and off feud, the feud between West and Khalifa had both women getting involved but while the Wiz and Kanye were still at war Kim and Amber were making amends and letting the world know that they are getting along.


Social media exploded about Kim and Amber, and it added fuel to the fire that the beef was just done for publicity as both West and Khalifa hahaves upcoming album releases. It could have been this fact that lead the two rappers to calling an end to the beef and deciding to work on their friendship. Most of the tweets from the depths of the war have now been deleted by both rappers as neither of them wants to keep the negative energy and want to focus on the positive.

Wiz Khalifa has been super chill throughout the entire ordeal and has been focused on his release of Khalifa for Friday. Even though Wiz and Amber Rose are no longer together, they are still working on being a family and raising their son together. Khalifa states that his music and his family are his focus.

[Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]