Prowler Shows Up At Taylor Swift’s House, Spokesperson Blames Media

Taylor Swift had an intruder at her house today and now a spokesperson for Swift is speaking out and blaming the media for it all. E! Online shared the details of what happened at Taylor’s house. The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that at 2:45 p.m. today, they got the call about a prowler at Swift’s house and had to go out and check it out.

The police shared a statement about what happened at Taylor Swift’s house. Luckily nobody was hurt at all and everything worked out okay in the end. Here is what the police had to say about it.

“The man was detained for an investigation. He was not supposed to be in that area or near that home. He was taken for observation for an undisclosed medical condition.”

Taylor Swift’s spokesperson is not happy about what happened and is speaking out. Swift herself hasn’t said anything yet about the situation. This is what her spokesperson had to say today about the prowler at Taylor Swift’s house.

“This is why it’s irresponsible for the media to publish the addresses or recent real estate transactions of celebrities. This, or potentially worse, is the end result.”

One person said that the person who was on Taylor Swift’s property was yelling for Swift to come out. It was also reported that the person seemed unstable. There is no word on if Taylor was at home when it went down, but if she was around then she didn’t come out and nobody spotted her there. Hopefully, Taylor wasn’t home and put in a scary situation because of her address getting out.

Not long ago, Calvin Harris put his house up for sale and the rumors started flying that he was going to be moving into a house with Taylor. Hollywood Life actually shared that a source revealed that Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were going to live together in Beverly Hills. Here is what the source had to say at the time.

“Now that her tour is over, they are living together at his house in Beverly Hills while she is having some work done on her new home (she was staying there in between tour dates too, but now she is back for longer and it will be more consistent.) They are definitely talking about their future together and the possibility of one day getting engaged. Making it work, despite their huge demanding schedules, and her tour, has proved to both of them that this is something that is serious and that could last. It’s really cemented their commitment to one another.”

Taylor Swift’s rep said at the time that this was not true at all, but that was almost a month ago. Once Calvin Harris has to find a new place to live what is going on will come out for sure. Taylor and Calvin are obviously very serious, regardless of if they are living with each other or not. This relationship has lasted a long time and lucky for Calvin she hasn’t shared any negative songs about him just yet. Fans can’t wait to see what great love songs Calvin Harris is going to inspire in Taylor Swift.

Do you feel like the media is at fault for things like what happened to Taylor Swift today? Do you think that celebrity addresses should not be shared? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about the person who came into Taylor Swift’s house yard today trying to get her out of the house.

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