Kim Kardashian And Amber Rose ‘Truce’ Is Tabloid Fabrication

A lot has been going on between Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose the past week. And, at least according to Hollywood Life, both women had a tearful make-up session.

“An Instagram pic was all it took to reveal that the longstanding feud between Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian was over. What the photo didn’t disclose, though, was just how emotional their make-up got — but we have EXCLUSIVE details!”

Hollywood Life adds that since Kardashian’s husband Kanye West wants to run for the White House in 2020, he doesn’t want any more dirt spread about him.

“Kim Kardashian did not broker a truce between Kayne West and Amber Rose because she thinks it will help him become president in 2020, despite an absurd and entirely fabricated report,” Gossip Cop reports.

Gossip Cop adds that the two did reconcile only because they both related to each other as moms and see the bigger picture in life. However, there was no exact written or verbal “truce.” Of course, this all started when Kanye West made fun of Amber Rose and her “baby daddy,” Wiz Khalifa. Rose then suggested that Kanye West gets sexually aroused when fingers are put up his — um — rear. This caused speculation that Kanye West was gay. According to the Mirror, even Wendy Williams got in on the action.

“Wendy, who found Amber’s claims about Kanye’s alleged bedroom antics very funny, then insinuated it reflected his true sexual preference. She said: ‘I’m not going to say anything about Kanye, what people do behind closed doors is their own business. But I’m embarrassed for Kim Kardashian.’ “

Wendy Williams is anything but a homophobe, but she has indicated before that she is tired of men not being honest about their sexuality. However, even if Kanye West likes playing the finger game, it doesn’t mean he is lying about his sexuality.

Wendy Williams Kanye West
Wendy Williams thinks Kanye West is lying about his sexuality. [Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images]
Speaking of Kim’s husband, he is getting ready to release his new album, Waves, which was previously known as SWISH. He recently referred to it as the best album of all time.

He received a lot of backlash for that statement. Now, according to E! Online, Mr. West backtracked on the statement.

“Out of respect for Q-Tip, Puff, Hov, Lauren, Pharcyde, Mary, Stevie, Michael, Hendrix, James, Pete Rock, Pac, Marvin…. this new album is ONE of the greatest albums not the greatest just one of… So many musicians touch my life and made me who I am… I want to make something great to honor my idols.”

According to the article, Kanye West will be premiering the album in concert at Madison Square Garden on February 11. The show isn’t sold out yet, but it’s expected to be. He will also broadcast the show via satellite in various theaters throughout the world. Twitter is excited about Kanye’s new album and concert.

One wonders if the Kanye West finger debacle led to Kim Kardashian discussing the sex toy you should use this Valentine’s Day. According to Refinery29, Kardashian’s 15-item list features an edible thong, a bottle of pink Champagne, and even a penis ring.

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]

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