‘Kinging It’ Vlogger Hit In Face By Fish While Reporting Storm, Real Or Fake? [Video]

A travel blogger in South Wales received quite a surprise while reporting on the storm Gertrude. Aimee Bannister, of the travel blog Kinging It, was unexpectedly hit in the face by a flying fish during a recent recording.

Bannister was standing near the water during the storm, focused on the vlog, as the storm battered against the water. In the background, the waves can be seen smashing up against the beachfront. A wave smacks against the stone wall, sending water billowing through the air behind her. A fraction of a second later, a surge of water assaults Aimee and a rogue fish smacks her in the face. The entire video lasts only seconds, but the freak occurrence has attracted thousands of viewers as the video quickly went viral across the internet, according to Metro.

Aimee and her partner Craig uploaded the video to YouTube and knew it would be an instant hit.

“When you’re trying to vlog and get hit by a fish.”

According to the Huffington Post, the incident was the result of simply being in the right place at the right time. Bannister claims that the intense weather and force of the wave breaking caused the freak incident to occur. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine she would be hit in the face with a flying fish while recording the video.

Despite the hard smack to the face, Bannister’s vlog partner posted that she was a little sore but okay overall.

“Thanks for the love this week guys, Aimee’s face is still a bit sore but she’s coping #fishslap”

Although the incident seems to occur naturally as a result Gertrude’s onslaught, some viewers think there is something fishy about the entire set up. Some commenters attempted to justify its fakeness by claiming the fish has been dead for some time. Chad Watts was quick to point out a detail that many might have missed.

“Fake, staged video. The fish has been dead for some time and it’s evident by the Caudal Fin.”

Chris Perez claimed the fish didn’t even come from the water, but instead from another direction.

“FAKE. The fish does’t even come from the waves direction. Clearly someone throws it at her. All for views~”

Dean C claims the fish would never have gotten close enough to the shoreline to be tossed from the water.

“it’s fake, fish don’t swim that close to shoreline”

Although there is a chance that the video may have been faked, there is an equal chance that it could also be real. The severe storm’s winds and the ruckus waves could have caused the freak incident to occur. Whether or not it is real, we may never know for sure unless Aimee or Craig reveal the truth sometime in the future. However, similar incidents on future episodes of Kinging It may reveal whether it is a hoax or potentially if they will simply attempt to cash out on similar stunts.

Aimee is not the first reporter to find herself in a strange predicament. Many others have been caught off guard by various on screen accidents and flubs, resulting in their 15 minutes of internet fame. At times, the bloopers are easy to recover from, while at other moments, the recovery may force an unexpected commercial break. But, in the world of vlogging, it may be best to just go with the flow and continue onward, cashing in on the viral outcome.

What are your thoughts on the video? Was it faked or is it real? Share your opinions in the comments below.

[Image via Potapov Alexander/Shutterstock]